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Funny Doormats: Give a Warm Welcome to Visitors

Funny Doormats

Since first impressions matter, it makes sense to welcome new and returning guests with a bit of charm. Most people just toss a generic, solid-colored doormat in front of the door and call it a day. After all, it is only getting stepped on! Well, maybe if the mat was full of personality then it would be viewed as more than a place to wipe your shoes. It is one of the first small details folks notice about your home, and it is the last thing they see when they leave. These doormats are sure to put a smile on their face. They might even inspire a laugh out loud moment!

Is there really anything more than needs to be said? It is available at Coco Mats ‘n More and truly perfect for anyone with a sarcastic personality. It is made of 100 percent natural coir fiber and available in two sizes. To clean, just wet it using a hose and spot scrub with a brush. This one is perfect for a house-warming gift, too!

You do not have to be in trouble with the law to appreciate the humor of this one. It is available at Target and Cool Stuff Cheap. This mat is made from 100 percent olefin, printed with color-fast inks, and finished with bound-stitched edges. A brush and hose are all that are needed to clean it.

If everyone typically shows up at your house to watch the big game, play poker, or just hangout, this doormat is perfect for you. You can also put it right in front of the beer fridge in the garage. Like the others, just spray it with a hose to clean. You can pick up one of these online at Installer Store.

Have a Husky, Malamute, or some other heavy shedder in the house? If yes, then guests should pretty much know they will be leaving covered in dog hair. This one is also available at Installer Store, and made from heavy-duty olefin.

Folks may rethink knocking at your door too early in the morning with this mat. This mat could be a good way to keep those weekend morning solicitors away, too. Made from olefin and painted with colorfast inks, it is available at Amazon, and made in the USA.

Some women will totally agree with this mat. It does not talk back, you always know where it is, and it is easy to clean; it really is the perfect tradeoff. This olefin mat is available at Coco Mats ‘n More.

If you are a golfer, or need to buy a gift for someone who is, you will not find a more relatable doormat than this one at Cool Stuff Cheap. Bound-stitched edges and color-fast inks make this olefin mat long-lasting.

Whether you are the crazy cat lady, or if you simply have one feline sitting on his thrown in your house, a cat mat is perfect. Made in America by High Cotton Inc., this is another durable olefin mat at Cool Stuff Cheap.

Is wine the beverage of choice in your house? Hopefully your guests know better than to show up with beer! If not, this mat will remind them. It’s available online at Mookie Gifts. This olefin mat can just be hosed down or spot-cleaned with a brush.


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