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Quick Fall Decorating Ideas on a Budget

fall decorating ideas on a budget

When the air turns crisp, store shelves overflow with autumnal offerings, and long packed-away knit sweaters and leather boots beckon, it can only mean one thing–Fall is upon us! And for many of us, the desire to bring “fall inside” reigns supreme. From cozy scents to warm colors and hints of fall, it is hard to resist redecorating every space to celebrate the arrival of autumn. But it isn’t always easy or affordable to redecorate–so here are quick and easy fall decorating ideas you can implement on any budget.

Fall Budget Finds At Your Grocery Store or Farmers’ Market

Harvest season is especially budget friendly because many of the most popular items to use in your decorating can be found in your local market. Pumpkins, squash, apples and even stalks of wheat are affordable and easy to pick up. Look for large boxes of local squash in all shapes and sizes. You can display them as table centerpieces, adorn the sides of steps and staircases or make space on counters to bring fall’s bountiful harvest to your home. And don’t forget, these picture-perfect decorations are also delightfully edible!

Find Deals At Your Local Home Gardening Source

Fall gardening is the beginning of a slow season at many nurseries and home gardening stores so you may be able to score some great deals on wooden planters, wheelbarrows, and even decorative hay bales and mums. All of these items have limited windows for sale and stores like to move them quickly. Take your time and keep an autumn color palette in mind to make sure you bring home plenty of fall decorating inspiration.

Curate Cozy Fall Decorating Ideas with Colors, Scents and Fabrics

You may have a wealth of autumn right under your nose–you just have to learn to spot it by curating a sense of what you want fall to look like in your home. For some that is a palette of oranges and reds, for others a richer brown and burlap combination, and for others an emphasis on natural dark wood and hints of deep reds and purples. Whichever your palette, first start by eliminating from display those that don’t belong. For example, this may mean removing the light blues and greens from summer vibes but keeping the natural beige and brown tones you already have in the background. Adding a few warm toned throw pillows and a knit blanket to your couch and you’ll have an instant refresh of autumn.

Next, focus on the senses by incorporating candles in key places. Apple cider, pumpkin, cinnamon and even macintosh apples can instantly bring fall into your home simply through scent. Utilize pillar candles, decorative votives and, of course, the essence of candlelight, the instantly transform your home into an oasis of autumn.


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