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Cincinnati’s Sports Scene

Cincinnati’s Sports Scene

Cincinnati may not have the beaches of San Diego or the rich cultural scene of New York City, but it does have sports! This city is known for its phenomenal sports scene. Not only are there fantastic teams here; there are also some of the most enthusiastic, loyal, and supportive fans in the country. Locals here love their favorite team and it shows. The games are always packed, as are the sports bars in the area. These venues welcome mobs of fans who feel better when they yell at the ref on TV! In addition to major teams, there are 5 college institutions, 7 major sports venues, and 11 minor league teams.

Notable Teams

  • Cincinnati Reds – This Major League baseball team was established as an independent club in 1881 and joined the National League in 1890. The team’s roots actually date back to 1869 making it the sport’s first openly professional team. The Reds have  won a total of 5 World Series titles, 10 division titles, 9 National League pennants, and 1 American Associates pennant. You can catch a game at the Great American Ball Park, which has a 42,271-person capacity and cost $290 million to build.
  • Cincinnati Bengals – Paul Brown, former Cleveland Brown’s coach, founded the Bengals as an American Football League member in 1966. This team plays at the Paul Brown Stadium, which was named after the founder. It welcomes a capacity of 65,535, and is nicknamed “The Jungle.” It was designed by Dan Meis and is the only stadium to be included in “America’s Favorite 150 Buildings and Structures” list.
  • Cincinnati Cyclones – This fairly new professional hockey team was founded in 1990 and is a member of the Easy Coast Hockey League. The team also fielded in the International Hockey League from 1992 to 2001. In both leagues combined the Cyclones have won two Kelly Cups, two conference championships, and three division championships. You can catch a game at U.S. Bank Arena. With a 17,556-person capacity, it is the state’s largest indoor arena.
  • Cincinnati Kings – The original team was founded in 2005, but an additional indoor team was founded only three short years later to provide year-round professional soccer to the city. Supporters of the team are labeled “The Pride,” which is only fitting considering the team’s lion crest.
  • Cincinnati Rollergirls – If you have never been to a roller derby event, you are in for a big treat here. The league was founded in 2005 as the area’s first all-female, amateur derby team. The skaters own and operate the team, comprised of approximately 50 women of various ages from around the region. In 2008, two official teams were formed, which include Black Sheep and Silent Lambs. They compete all over North America against other teams.

You can go to any game here and have a good time. You certainly do not have to stick to the major teams.  The minor league teams always have something going on, and the games are super inexpensive, and sometimes even free. So, if you are on a budget, or between paychecks, you can always find some game to enjoy without spending a lot of money.

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