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How to Convince Family and Friends to Help You Move

Family and Friends to Help You Move

Ideally, you will put a little money aside and hire one of the best movers so you do not have to convince anyone to help you. However, if money is short or the move is unexpected then you may have to handle the grunt work on your own. Keep in mind you could always call upon folks to help with the lighter stuff and leave the heaviest objects for the movers to handle so you don’t risk you or anyone you care about getting hurt. Either way, there are few people who will jump for joy at the thought of helping you move, so you may need to get creative with your persuasion.


Give Advanced Notice

If you wait until the last minute to ask for help, you can expect a lot of people to already have plans. Even if they don’t you are giving them the opportunity to use this excuse. If you know your moving day a few weeks or even a month ahead of time, start reaching out. This gives them plenty of notice so they do not plan anything for that day. Some people may still have something come up last minute, but there should still be some who have kept their schedule clear.


Make it Fun

It is really easy to turn a dreadful moving day into a fun event with the help of good music, food, and drinks. For some, beer and pizza are the only two words they need to hear for them to be there. If you are having a few people over to help pack or unpack, consider having everyone bring a favorite dish or snack to share. Make sure they know you picked up a fantastic bottle of wine! If you are moving out into a rural area, maybe one of your DJ friends will set up at the new place to spin a little while everyone unloads the truck.

As a note, it is typically recommended to provide alcoholic beverages at the final destination. Pre-drinking or starting too early could result in injury or people losing motivation to do what they came for.



A little bribery can go a long way when it comes to recruiting people. Maybe you will let your younger sister borrow that dress she always begs to wear to the club, or perhaps you will offer  a full weekend of babysitting so your friends who are new parents can get away for some private time. Chances are pretty good that if you evaluate your list of friends and family, there is something you can do for each of them that will totally make helping you worth their while. If you cannot think of anything for someone ask what it will take. Maybe they simply want some of your baked goods or a little help on dog bath day.


Delegate Small Tasks

Even those who can’t help with moving day may be able to take care of other tasks that will free up a little of your spare time or make your life easier. Perhaps your mom will babysit your child while you move or pack, or maybe a friend can meet the cable guy over there the day before when they are on that side of town for work anyway. Go through your list of tasks and determine which ones can be delegated to others.



When all else fails a gentle reminder of a secret you know may help them become extremely eager to help you. Do not use blackmail for anything that could potentially ruin your relationship with that person, but if you know your younger brother failed one of this college classes last semester or your sister lied about where she was when she was late for curfew, they may be happy to help you as long as your lips stay sealed.



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