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Best Restaurants in Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids, IA

Did you know that Cedar Rapids, IA, is the birthplace of the famous American Gothic painting? Or that famous Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Woods grew up in this midwestern city? It gets better — Cedar Rapids has some stellar restaurants to satisfy your taste buds whether you’re planning to move there or just visit. Find the best restaurants in Cedar Rapids, IA, right here.

Village Meat Market & Cafe

Its name sounds unassuming, but don’t be fooled: this Czech market has some of the finest smoked meats, sausage, deli meats, and salads around in a family-run market and cafe. You won’t find a lot for the vegetarian types here, but if meats done every which way sounds good to you, put this spot on the top of your list of where to dine in Cedar Rapids.

The Irish Democrat

If Irish brews and pub fare is what you’re craving, this is your destination. Burgers, pizza, ribs, nachos, they all go quite nicely with a Guinness or some cold Smithwicks. Choose from among the different dining rooms depending on whether you want a restaurant atmosphere or to challenge your friends to a game of pool, and don’t skip the cheesy wontons — the locals say they’re the best thing on the menu.

Cobble Hill

Class it up and get some local flavor at this farm-sourced restaurant. The menu rotates frequently with food made from scratch depending on what is available, the bartenders are expert mixologists who can concoct something to please every palate and vintage decor that really brings home the farm-fresh feel. Bring your friends and your sense of culinary adventure and let your taste buds be pleasantly satisfied.

Oyama Sushi

Sushi and Hibachi in Cedar Rapids? You bet. In a friendly, cheerful atmosphere you can find fresh, quality sushi with caring service. Start your visit with a hot towel to clean your hands, then enjoy the beautifully presented dishes as they arrive. Where to dine in Cedar Rapids when you’re looking for something a little different? Try Oyama.

The Lost Cuban

Surprise! You can get authentic and delicious Cuban food in Cedar Rapids, IA. Pop in at lunch for a Cuban Sandwich with some traditional Cuban coffee, pair a Cuban hotdog with some platanos maduros, or stop by late night (until 2 am!) on the weekends to satisfy your craving for a burger. If you make this your dinner destination, try out the newly-added bar and drink menu to spice up your evening!

Black Sheep Social Club

The chefs and staff at the Black Sheep pride themselves on doing things differently. Ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible, even down to the beers on draft at the bar. Rustic décor, reminiscent of the grain and spice warehouse that once was housed in the building, welcomes visitors to an experience that is never the same. Try a fresh take on a Midwest classic like duck fat fries or Veal Osso Bucco, and remember to save room for dessert: the Black Sheep Banana Split will be the perfect ending to a perfect meal.


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