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7 Reasons That Will Make You Want to Move to Newark

Move to Newark

Why move to Newark? The short answer is because it rocks. The longer answer is this blog post, which includes some little-known information as well as fun facts about Newark. You see, Newark may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think about up and coming cities for young professionals, but the truth is its assets, which have long been underestimated, make it quite the contender. From its significantly cheaper rents (in comparison with the New York metropolitan area) to its perfect climate for tech business and the quick commute into the City, experts believe Newark has what it takes to start topping hot real estate charts. Here are some things you didn’t know about Newark:


  1. It’s Artsier than You Think

    One of the important details to find out when moving to a new city is whether it offers your favorite recreation options. If art is one of your top interests, you’ll be glad to hear that Newark’s cultural scene is alive and kicking. It is home to New Jersey’s largest fine art museum as well as numerous art galleries, including a Center for Contemporary Art, City Without Walls and the Paul Robeson Galleries at Rutgers–Newark. The Open Door Citywide Arts Fest celebrates the city’s contribution to American culture, and the Dodge Poetry Festival is, in fact, the biggest poetry festival in the nation.


  1. Hotbed for Tech Innovation

    Lower rents, top-notch office space, incredible connectivity and tons of local talent are only a few of the reasons to move to Newark if you’re in the tech business. Incentives from the local administration are laying down the foundation for an even more robust job market, which already has 100,000 daily commuters from neighboring towns.


  1. Yummy Town

    No major city can afford to be left behind in the culinary race. Newark’s dining scene is giving its neighbors a run for their money with over 200 restaurants of every kind in the Ironbound district alone. The Ironbound district may sound like a Game of Thrones reference but it is actually one of the best neighborhoods in Newark to enjoy the local and international cuisine. From Spanish to Japanese, Barbecue to Tacos, Newark has lots to offer to the food-minded masses. In fact, its Portuguese food shrines even have New Yorkers crossing the Hudson for a taste of Portugal, thanks to the city’s large population of Portuguese immigrants.


  1. Branch Brook Park

    Created by the Olmsted brothers, prominent landscape designers at the turn of the 19th century, Branch Brook Park is the country’s first county park. It also holds the biggest collection of cherry blossoms in the nation comprised of 4,300 Japanese cherry trees. And if the majestic cherry blossom isn’t your cup of tea, try the skating rink, ball game courts, and fields or the beautiful Cathedral-Basilica of the Sacred Heart, which is one of the nation’s largest.


  1. History

    Newark is the third oldest city in the country and has over 300 years of history behind it. That’s a lot of history, and perhaps the reason why the New Jersey Historical Society chose it for its headquarters. Like most historical cities, Newark has its share of “firsts”- The first live broadcast of the World Series, for example, which was carried out by Newark’s WJZ radio station (Yankees vs. Giants, in case you were wondering).


  1. The Sopranos

    The acclaimed TV series was not only filmed extensively on location in Newark but was also based on the life of local mobster Richard Boiardo. Boiardo’s career in crime led him to reign over the city of Newark as its undisputed mob boss until his natural death in 1984, at the ripe old age of 93.


  1. Location!

    Newark is located only 8 miles west of Manhattan, which means all the Big Apple has to offer is only a short drive or train ride away. This also makes its comparably low rents even more alluring.

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