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When is the Right Time to Move from Your Studio?

Time to Move from Your Studio

Moving into your own studio apartment can be so liberating. It’s all yours! When you clean, it stays clean, and when you come home you don’t have to be worried about waking up your housemates (or parents!) You know that at some point it is time to upgrade to a bigger space, but how will you know when it’s the right time? Here are the indicators that it’s time to move to a larger apartment, and some tips on how to make the right move.


When to move to a bigger apartment or house

  • You’re moving in with your partner. While two people living in a studio apartment is manageable, it’s not ideal. So if you’re taking the big step of moving in together, do yourselves a favor and consider upsizing to a home the both of you will love.
  • You got a raise. Maybe you were living in your studio to save money, but now your salary gives you the cushion needed for a bigger, roomier space — reward yourself for your hard work by getting a little extra elbow room.
  • You’re ready to host get-togethers, you want a pet, or you have other desires that make your studio feel too limiting. Minimalist living isn’t for everyone, so if your plans and desires have outgrown your space, it may be time to move on.


What you need to think about before upsizing your home

  • What is the cost of moving to a bigger apartment, and is it within your budget? Your desires and dreams might say “move up”, but if it’s going to create financial strain it might be better to wait until your budget has the room.
  • Do you really need to? The thing about having more space is that you’re more likely to fill it with stuff. If you’re not really in need of the space, keeping your home small might help you minimize a number of material things that you accumulate.
  • How will it change your day-to-day living? Are you moving closer to your workplace, or farther away? Weigh the pros and cons of the move completely before making the leap, and ensure that you don’t go through the challenges of a move only to realize that you gained more space and lost something else.


Things to Consider

  • Really examine your “why”. Moving to a new, bigger home isn’t an endeavor to take lightly — it will increase your space, but it will also likely increase your costs and cause other changes in your life. But once you’ve seen the signs it’s time to move? Choose your next steps wisely.
  • When you are considering how to upsize when moving, keep in mind that you’ll be outfitting more rooms when creating your budget. Will you want more furniture? More decorations? Will the belongings you have to do for now? How much bigger do you need to go exactly? If you are moving in with a partner, how will you consolidate your belongings?
  • Lastly: you may not have that much stuff, but anyone who has moved their entire apartment before will tell you there’s always more than you think. Do your research to get a range of moving company quotes from Unpakt to make your move easy and affordable. Let the professionals figure out how to get your couch around that bend in the stairs while you determine what kind of chairs will be perfect in your new living room…



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