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5 Pre-Move Steps: What to Take Care of Before You Move

pre-move steps

When it comes to moving, it’s not a question of if, but rather when! According to United States Census data, the average person will move between eleven and twelve times in their lifetime. Even so, moving is frequently overlooked by people until the last minute, causing a rush to get belongings packed, items being lost or broken, tasks not handled that should have been, and important pre-move steps just flat out forgotten.

There are many considerations when preparing for a move; hopefully, this list will help you formulate your organized moving plan.


  1. Downsize and Pack

    Downsizing is one of the simplest ways to make your move easier. Carefully consider what items are truly needed, versus what you have in your current home. A closet full of clothes that are never worn, boxes of children’s toys that they’ve outgrown, and furniture that just doesn’t fit in the new place are items that can be donated, tossed, given away or sold prior to moving day. The less there is to move, the easier moving day will be. Pack belongings that are making the move in well-labeled boxes to make unpacking easier; to choose boxes, check out this convenient Box Guide.


  1. Change Of Address

    Contacting the post office early to put in a change of address is wise; it typically takes seven to ten days after notification to begin receiving mail at the new address. Besides the post office, an official address change is important to ensure that bank and credit card statements and other information are received regularly as well.


  1. Utility Company Changes

    Giving the utility companies advanced notice of move dates is important; this allows them to send out a technician to read the meter on move day and avoid any billing for the new resident’s usage. Crucial as well is setting up the utilities at your new home to make sure the lights are on when you arrive!


  1. Clean

    Although cleaning is probably the furthest thing from most people’s minds when planning a move, take some time in advance of moving day to deep clean carpets, clean under appliances and large pieces of furniture. Being confident that the home is ready for new residents will make moving day less chaotic.


  1. Arrange For Move Day

    There are a number of ways to handle the physical move. You can opt for a DIY project, hire local movers to handle everything, or choose a hybrid method. Renting a truck and rounding up some buddies is the least expensive, though most labor-intensive, option. Hiring professional movers saves you time, and wear and tear on your body and belongings, without calling in favors from family and friends. No matter which option appeals to you, contacting moving companies takes just minutes when you use Unpakt, and provides complete and transparent information, guaranteed pricing, and all the information needed for a smooth transition.

Don’t let moving overwhelm you. If you plan correctly and take care of the important things your moving experience will go much smoother.



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