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Why it’s Better to Hire a Moving Company in Boston

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There is a long list of reasons why an increasing number of people are moving to one of America’s oldest cities. For a large city, Boston has a surprisingly low crime rate. It is one of the world’s 30 most economically powerful cities, and it has a thriving job market. The cultural scene here is richer than you will find in most areas, and who wouldn’t want to live in a place home to the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots. You probably have your own medley of reasons for moving to Boston, now you just have to figure out how to get there.

Like other major cities, the cost of living is a little higher than most places. So, you might be thinking you are going to save yourself a little money and do a self-move. After all, all that money can go toward a deposit or new furniture, right? Well, “all that money” may not prove to be as much as you think. Plus, the headache along may not make the little you do save worthwhile. If you were moving a few streets over in a small town, maybe a self-move would be a good excuse to throw a mini party with friends. This is Boston! Hiring movers in this city are strongly recommended.



If you are moving to a loft downtown, do not think for one minute that you will just be able to pull right into a front parking space with your moving truck Saturday morning. You should be prepared to exhaust yourself carrying from whatever parking space you can find. Not to mention, you need an extra person to watch the truck unless you are going to lock it up after every trip. If movers have to haul everything a couple blocks and carry it up the stairs, you pay a long carry fee and let them deal with it.


Reduced Stress

Moving to Boston should be exciting! Your initial experience should not be full of stress. If you handle a self-move you have to deal with booking a truck, filling it with gas, and hoping all your buddies arrive to help you load and unload it. Plus, you have to fill it again and make another trip to return it when all you want to do is start unpacking. Not to mention, what happens if your truck breaks down or you back into a parked car?

Hiring the best movers for your Boston move will help keep stress to a minimum. In case you do not know, stress wreaks havoc on your health.


Faster Process

Movers will have you loaded and unloaded efficiently, so you can spend your time unpacking, going to the grocery store, and just getting settled. Chances are good that you only have one or two days off work, so you need to make the most of this valuable time.


Reduced Risk of Injury

More people sustain a moving-related injury than you might think. You may assume that since you are not moving a heavy pool table or entertainment center that there is little risk of injury, but you could not be more wrong. You could slip on a wet floor, trip over a crack in the sidewalk, miss a stair and take a tumble, or pinch your fingers in a door jam with a wide load. Most importantly, back injuries are easier to sustain than most realize. Even a small TV, microwave, or box could pull your back if you are already exhausted and your form gets sloppy.


Convenience of Having Insurance

You probably do not even want to think about anything getting damaged or somehow lost in transit, but at least if you hire movers you can file a claim. If your buddy drops your television there is really nothing you can do but get mad and laugh about it over a beer later. Unfortunately, this is not going to get you a replacement. If your mover drops it, you can file a claim. Always make sure that you have enough coverage for your belongings. The standard insurance usually only covers about $0.60 per pound. This certainly will not buy you a new TV.

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