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Up-and-Coming Cities to Move to in 2021

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Sure, there are lots of cities that are booming throughout the country. Their allure is strong, pulling many people to switch locales and join the crowd. Of course, once they’ve hit the headlines the cost of living is already rising along with their population.

If you’re looking for a new place to live but want to get in before the rush, we have some suggestions. Let’s look at some up-and-coming cities to move to in 2021, so you can start daydreaming.

Cape Coral, FL

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Looking for warm temperatures near the beach, with a suburban vibe that still has all of the city’s comforts? Look no further than Cape Coral, Florida. With fishing, boating, water parks, and nature reserves, you’ll get plenty of chances to soak up the Floridian sun.

In the last decade, Cape Coral has seen a 25% increase in population. Don’t worry about getting squeezed out, though. Filings for housing permits are keeping pace, to ensure there is plenty available and prices remain reasonable.

Cape Coral is an attractive place to retire and even snagged the #10 spot on a recent list of the best places to retire. If you’re not ready for retirement, don’t worry – the job market is also strong, with an unemployment rate below the national average.

Head over to Cape Coral for sun, seafood, and waterfront living.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Another up-and-coming city that appeals to those who love the water is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. If you’re looking to turn your vacation into a lifestyle, Myrtle Beach is for you. With thousands of attractions, restaurants, and entertainment venues, you may want a place with a spare room for your inevitable out-of-town visitors.

This city’s charm isn’t purely at the beach, though. 15 million yearly visitors would agree: the southern hospitality makes you feel right at home. The locals are warm and friendly, so don’t worry about finding your new social life once you arrive.

The average annual temperature is 74F, so you’ll be able to enjoy the 60 miles of beaches year-round. The job market is strong, particularly in the tourism industry. The area also boasts excellent healthcare and public, private, and charter schools There are also two universities and several trade schools to choose from. With low taxes and low costs of living, you can enjoy Myrtle Beach to the fullest without breaking the bank.

Moscow, ID

park in moscow idaho

Another city with small-town charm is Moscow, Idaho. Located near the Idaho-Washington border, Moscow is cozy, charming, and tight-knit. It is home to the University of Idaho, so you’ll find a lively college town vibe here.

Within Moscow there are nearly 20 public parks and a beautiful biking trail. There are also regular community events year-round, giving you plenty of chances to feel connected. Despite its natural and small-town feel, Moscow is densely populated. There is a great farmer’s market and if you’re up for it, you could go for a bit of mushroom hunting. With lots of local shops, businesses, and restaurants, you’ll feel connected to the community at every turn in Moscow.

Riverside, CA

A city built on a naval orange empire, Riverside is a thriving city with excellent weather. Riverside has become a popular place to relocate for millennials looking for an affordable (by California’s standards), family-friendly place to live.

Riverside has 24 nationally-recognized historical sites, so you’ll have plenty of exploring to do when you arrive. It also boasts a growing economy, year-round temperate weather, and gorgeous hills and valleys. You’re also in close proximity to both beaches and mountains, so take your pick on how you’d like to spend your weekends.

The music scene is thriving in Riverside, with famous musicians like Blink 182 and Frank Zappa hailing from the city. By moving here, you may not only discover this up-and-coming city but be the first to hear the next big thing at venues like The Buffalo Inn and Commonground Soundstage.

If you’re looking for thriving nightlife, you’ll be a short trip from LA where you can find any and every scene you may want. If wide-open spaces are more your pace, you’ll find those in abundance around Riverside.

Salisbury, MD

aerial view of park in salisbury maryland

The largest city in the state’s eastern seaboard, Salisbury, Maryland is a great place to call home. While 2020 was an economically unstable time nationwide and globally, Salisbury fared very well. The unemployment rate rose only 1%, well below the national average of 6%. This shows that the city is much more resilient, even in times of uncertainty.

While Salisbury has seen population growth in recent years, the building of new homes has kept pace. Housing is still affordable for existing residents and newcomers alike.

There are a variety of activities available from art galleries and museums to state forest and wildlife areas. You’ll find a variety of ways to spend your free time in the area. The regional airport will make it easy for friends and family to pay you a visit. If you’re looking for big-city vibes, you’ll easily reach Norfolk, VA, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC by car or train. Salisbury lets you live the small metro life with the ease of city amenities.

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