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Meet the Town Lake Hike-and-Bike Trail in Austin, TX

Austin Park

If you are an exercise, adventure or outdoor enthusiast, Austin has a lot to offer. Whether you simply enjoy a casual bike ride on a nice day, or if you are a hardcore athlete putting in many miles at the crack of dawn, you will want to ask your Austin movers how to get to the Hike-and-Bike Trail. They may also know it as the Roy and Ann Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail.

About the Lake

The lake is actually a reservoir that was created in 1960, primarily for flood control. However, few people actually realize it is here to serve a purpose other than to beautify the area. Sadly, when it was first created, the area was severely neglected. By the 1970s, it had become an eyesore with overgrown weeds and pollution. It was decided that a bike trail would be built along the shore to make use of the space, which has now become one of the most popular areas in the city for locals and tourists.

Across from the lake is Ziker Park, the largest park in Austin, and adjacent to the lake you find Barton Springs, which is a popular place for swimming. The beauty of the area today can be credited to Lady Bird Johnson. This former First Lady made it her personal mission to transform the area into someplace magical.

The lake itself welcomes canoes, kayaks, rowing shells and dragon boats, and a lot of business on the waterfront rent recreational watercraft out. There are a ton of venues on the bank, and you can almost always find festivals and open air concerts going on here.

Get Acquainted with the Trail

The weekend mornings can get pretty crowded on the trail, but you will find it is quite peaceful during the week. The trail offers a complete path around the lake and measures 10.1 miles. The surface is smooth, made up primarily of crushed granite, but there are a few concrete areas and detours over a couple of city sidewalks.

Hundreds of plants and shrubs are kept beautifully manicured along the trail. You will also see fountains and plenty of birds. It is easy to forget you are actually exercising when there is plenty of natural beauty to look at.

The trail is safe and well lit, so if you are an evening runner, or you like to walk your dog before work in the morning, you can feel comfortable around the entire circuit. Speaking of dogs, you will find a lot of them on the trail. They must be leashed and you must clean up after them. You will see that the locals are pretty diligent about keeping the area clean. There are bags for poop and garbage containers along the path for your convenience. There are also water fountains for both humans and canines.

If you like to walk, jog, or bike, you will find this to be your favorite place in the city. Everyone is respectful and will traditionally alert you if they are passing on one side or the other. If you listen to music, it is a good idea to keep it turned down low on weekends when it is busy, so you can hear alerts when they are given. So, ask your Austin movers how to get to the trail and go check it out; the rest of those boxes can wait!

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