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Tips for Moving to Honolulu

Moving to Honolulu

Honolulu is a beautiful city, and if you’ve visited before, you probably felt the overwhelming desire to soak up the sun for hours or attend a luau. However, there are lots of other things to do once you arrive in the area. So, after you compare movers to find the best company for you, here are some additional moving tips that will make your relocation easier.

Prepare for The Weather

The city is very sunny and warm most of the year, which is part of what attracts tourists to the area. More than 270 days of the year are filled with sunshine, and it rarely rains. The climate is easily around 85 degrees on a regular basis. So, be sure that you and your family have lots of sunscreen and stay hydrated so you can enjoy the weather safely. This should definitely be part of your moving to Hawaii checklist.

Get To Know The Area

There are lots of regions in Honolulu, and each is known for distinct features. Hawaii movers may be able to give you more insight into your new city. For instance, the downtown area is home to lots of thriving businesses, government facilities and cultural attractions. You’ll likely love visiting the Aloha Tower, which provides you with the 360-degree view of the beautiful city. Chinatown is another popular area where you can buy fresh fish, vegetables, and fruit, and you may even discover a few Asian delicacies that you’ll enjoy.

Learn About Schools

Before moving, you’ve likely done some research about the schools your children will attend. The population in the state of Hawaii is fairly low, so Honolulu schools are run by the Hawaii State Department of Education, which is the only statewide public education system in the United States. This comprehensive system has a number of benefits, and it’s likely that the educators will take a rather personable approach when it comes to teaching your children.

Search Jobs in Hawaii

Even after you’ve selected the right moving companies Honolulu provides, you should still get some essential details about employment options before settling down. Tourism is the largest industry in the state, so a position in hospitality is ideal. Health care is also major in the area, as well as research and development, so there are career opportunities in these areas as well. Pre-applying for a position in these areas is a great idea, and you may find that your interests and skills could lead you to a great new job in Honolulu.

Whether you’re moving from a nearby city or from far away, when hiring a moving company, be sure to compare moving company costs to get the best rate possible.


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