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The Pros and Cons of Renting a Self-Storage Unit

renting a self-storage unit

You’re preparing to move, and the question is looming: to rent a self-storage unit or to not rent a self-storage unit? Everyone is bound to have an opinion and personal story to offer, but before you take your father’s advice, have a look at our list of pros and cons of renting a self-storage unit to help you make the right decision for your situation and needs.

The Pros: Yes, rent one!

  1. Safe storage facilities are usually reliable in terms of keeping your belongings protected from weather, mice, or things getting “misplaced”, so you can rest easy that things will stay where you left them. Some storage facilities even offer insurance in case of any unfortunate events or circumstances, so these units have a solid leg up over your best friend’s attic.
  2. You can access your belongings whenever you want to with a key code and a key. In that way, it’s kind of like having a basement or garage of your very own, even if you live in a tiny apartment with zero storage space. You can keep things organized with shelving units and big tubs, so everything is always easily accessed.
  3. You can rent a storage unit for an unlimited amount of time, and you might even get a discount if you sign a contract to rent for an extended period. That means no sudden need to move your belongings out of someone’s house and find a new place for your precious trinkets.
  4. If this is a short-term relocation and you have a lot of belongings that you just can’t bear to part with, a self-storage unit is an easy and fairly inexpensive option for hanging on to your stuff. A word to the wise, however — make sure you really can’t part with it, or you’ll end up with a storage unit full of stuff you’ve forgotten about.
  5. Storage units are an incredibly helpful option for those in-between times, like when you’re moving out of your old home but haven’t yet moved into a new one. Or, if you’re relocating overseas or somewhere short-term, it’s a great way to tuck your household goods away so that they’re waiting for you when you return.

The Cons: Don’t do it

  1. The cost of actually moving your belongings into the unit isn’t considered in the rental price, so if you’ll be storing a lot of things, be sure to factor in the price of having your moving company take care of this aspect. Some full-service moving companies can help you find a good deal on a self-storage unit through their company, so be sure you inquire to save on moving costs.
  2. It can be uncomfortable to leave your belongings in a space that you can’t keep an eye on if you’re moving far away. The best storage facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras but ask the facility manager how they handle unit safety and burglary prevention.
  3. If you realize that you do want something that you left behind, it requires a trip to the storage unit or a friend who can go retrieve your belongings. That can take time, money, and the hassle of digging through your boxes.
  4. Unless you opt for a temperature-controlled unit, which tends to be significantly pricier, your belongings will be subject to the cold and heat of the year. That can be hard for some items that might expand and contract with temperature, so if you have sensitive things you’re considering leaving behind, this might not be the best option.

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