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Sweet DC! Top Beltway Dessert Spots

Beltway Dessert Spots

For some reason, people think of Washington, DC as an uptight area where everyone wears business attire at all times. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is actually a casual, laid back vibe in the city, especially in the evening and on the weekends. You may picture everyone dressed up at formal dinners, but you can just dismiss that thought. Folks here love dessert as much as those in any other city! Yes, this includes the business professionals who get up extra early to hit the gym before work. Whether you are on your lunch hour at work, picking up dessert on your way home, or treating yourself to a cheat day, you will appreciate the countless D.C. dessert spots available within the Beltway…just be ready to loosen your belt!

Co. Co. Sala

This is actually a restaurant, but the desserts are amazing. Plus, there is an entire menu of dessert cocktails. The Crème Brulee is amazing, which features chocolate crème brûlée with graham crumble and toasted marshmallows. The Valrhona Chocolate Rum Cupcakes are pretty tasty too! If you prefer to drink your dessert, the Fetish cocktail is a must-try. It contains chocolate-infused vodka, fresh strawberries, strawberry foam, and a chocolate dipped berry. It is nearly impossible to have just one, but please drink responsibly.

Crepes on the Walk

If you are near Chinatown, you absolutely have to stop in for crepes. Okay, you don’t have to be near anything; jump on the metro and make a special trip. They are cheap yet so incredibly delicious that this place needs to be factored into your schedule. This is a one-man operation, so be patient. Since it is next to the metro, the business comes in rushes. A great flavor combination is bananas and Nutella.

Dangerously Delicious Pies

They could not have come up with a more appropriate name. Throw your diet out the window. No, you will not take an entire pie home and have one slice so you can freeze the rest. You will stand there at your kitchen counter eating every last bite until you can’t move. Are you missing mom’s apple pie? You won’t be after you taste the apple pie here. If you have time to eat a slice on-site, order the Baltimore Bomb, and get it heated. The Berger cookies get all gooey and delicious. Go ahead and get whipped cream on top too; a few more calories will not make a difference at this point.

Sweetbites Mobile

Don’t be a dessert snob! Before you turn your nose up at buying dessert from a pink food truck, take a look at the line. Do you think all those people are standing there waiting patiently for no reason? This is where you find some of the best desserts in DC. The cupcakes are so moist you barely have to chew and the frosting just melts in your mouth. Do try the Pina Colada, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin Spice, and Red Velvet for sure!

Baked by Yael

There are so many tempting treats here to choose from that it is nearly impossible to pick one standout item, but the cake pops win! Imagine a bite-sized piece of moist cake coated with the perfect thickness of white chocolate frosting. You can easily freeze the cake pops and thaw them as needed.

Captain Cookie and the Milkman

The cookies are actually baked on this food truck, so they are pretty much always warm and delicious. You can also have an ice-cream sandwich made with two cookies and a scoop of ice-cream. They even offer vegan options!

Now that you’ve enjoyed the sweets this city has to offer, find out all there is to know if you’re a newbie in DC.

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