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Small Apartment Packing Advice

Small Apartment Packing Advice

It does not matter if you are moving out of a small apartment and into a bigger place, or if you are downsizing into something smaller, packing can be a challenge. It may be tempting to try to handle everything yourself, but local moving companies are so affordable, so why bother? Planning ahead will help keep you organized while packing, which is helpful if you are already in a small space.

Moving In

If you are moving into a small apartment, one of the most important things you can do is take measurements of the new place. This includes measurements of entryways, outside hallways, and elevators. There is nothing more frustrating than moving your overstuffed couch, king size bed or extra-large dressers, only to discover that you can’t even get them in your apartment. Then, if you do get them in, you need to make sure that you have space for them.

While you may not want to part with your furniture, smaller pieces are going to look better. Oversized furniture will dwarf a room horribly. If you happen to have a spare room or one that is going to be the office, have the movers load all the boxes in there. This will give you more space in your main living area to move around while you are unpacking.

It is also recommended to make sure your boxes are clearly labeled either by writing the room where they belong or by using colored stickers and having each color represent a room. You won’t have much space to spread boxes out while you are digging for things, so it would be nice to know which boxes to go to. If you can, either direct your movers to place boxes in a group, or you can physically do it while they are loading them in to save time.

Above all, do not bring what you don’t need. Have a yard sale before you move, or donate these items. If you have home décor items, clothing shoes, etc., that you don’t really need there is no point cluttering the new place up with it.

Moving Out

If you live in a small apartment now, packing can be tricky. Obviously, you don’t have a lot of floor space to move around and stack boxes everywhere so you need to be creative. If you have a spare room, then you can load all the boxes in there. If not, you should clear away a corner where you can stack them.

Do you have sturdy shelving units? Small boxes can be stacked in there. Do you have a covered balcony? Don’t be afraid to move some items or stack some boxes out there. You can always use a tarp and bungee cord to cover everything just in case it rains and the wind starts blowing sideways.

Do you have a desk or kitchen table that you don’t need to use regularly? Stack boxes under these. Unless you are using your table every day, go ahead and press it against a wall and stack the chairs. The goal is to keep everything out of the walkway to prevent the risk of injury, and to keep you from feeling cluttered until your small apartment movers arrive.

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