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Micro Apartments

Micro Apartments

If you heard the term “micro apartments” recently you have probably found yourself quite intrigued. The name sounds trendy enough, like something that should come out of SoHo or Los Angeles, right? So, you are probably left wondering exactly what they are, and where you can find one. Are they exclusively found in major cities? Well, these cozy living spaces are quite trendy, but probably not in the way you are thinking, and they are becoming increasingly popular all over the country.


What are Micro Apartments?

As the name implies, micro apartments are small, but very practical living spaces. Now, depending on where you live and what you are used to, micro to you might mean 600 square feet. Well, you can fit two or even three micro apartments in the space you are imagining.

These are tiny spaces but they are created so brilliantly that they feel significantly larger. For example, some have a loft area so the bed is up off the main floor and over the kitchen, so the underside of the stairs can be used as drawers and cubby holes.
There are some with washing machines and dryers in the wall, so you slide open a door to access them. The average size is 200 to 300 square feet, and although this may have you instantly feeling claustrophobic, this is really all the space you need. These types of apartments have become very desirable for singles, young couples, and retirees, especially those with a busy lifestyle. If you are never home, why do you need a large space to clean?


Where Can You Find Micro Apartments?

When one thinks of a shoebox-sized apartment, New York City typically comes to mind. With so many people moving into this city daily, apartments need to be small to squeeze more occupants into a building. These small spaces are generally right downtown and close to everything so public transportation, stores, restaurants, and attractions are all within walking distance.

The Big Apple is not the only place to find micro apartments, though. They are sprouting up in many major cities, constantly surprising everyone with improved innovative designs. San Francisco has taken the micro to a whole new level, creating 160-foot apartments. They offer all the functionality of a one bedroom and boost module, multi-purpose furniture, offering a space for a small home office and entertaining area for dinner parties. Considering 42 percent of the population in San Francisco lives alone, this design just makes sense.

They are also being seen in countless other cities experiencing an increase in population. Houston, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Austin, Phoenix, Dallas, Charlotte, San Diego, and Fort Worth are all good examples.


What Fits Inside?

Obviously, going from a 1,500-square-foot home to a 250-foot micro apartment is going to take some adjustment. You will no longer have a need for a ton of furniture and decorative pieces. Most have a refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher, and some have stove burners, washing machines, and dryers. You will not find many with an oven, but how often do you turn your oven on now anyway?

Many are completely furnished with custom made pieces, such as dining room tables that double as beds. You will really only need the minimum. You can probably bring along your favorite bean bag chair that stuffs into a corner, but definitely not the chase lounge you are attached to. For a television, you may want to consider a flat screen that can be mounted on the wall. You will want to make full use of your walls. Shelves can be used for clothes, and a rail system and hooks can hang everything from your bicycle to jackets to a strainer and kitchen utensils.



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