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Atlanta Botanical Garden and Other Surprises in the City

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Without a doubt, Atlanta Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful places to visit, not only in the city but the entire state. It does not matter the season either, there is always something picture-worthy to appreciate here. Most people hear the word garden, and assume this is just a place for the gals to enjoy, but both males and females of all ages enjoy coming here. Seriously, go ahead and ask your Atlanta movers if they have been here. They probably won’t hesitate to tell you they have. It is a great place to go by yourself, with a date or even with the entire family!


What’s In Bloom?

There is always something in bloom at Atlanta Botanical Garden. So, while other gardens are typically only exciting to visit in spring and summer, this is one that you will want to visit every month, just to see what is new. From Autumn Crocus in October to the Starfish flower in December to the very breathtaking Cattleya Amethystoglossa in February, every month brings something new and intoxicating.



Atlanta Botanical Garden has a generous number of collections through the 30 acres of outdoor space and in the Fuqua Conservatory. A few popular favorites include:

  • Edible Garden – There is an outdoor kitchen here with cooking classes, and unused food gets donated.
  • Hydrangea – More than 160 cultivators make this the finest collection in the southeast.
  • Winter Garden – This area is where you will find the most vibrant displays from November through March.
  • Japanese Garden – Dwarf conifers, a pond and a sheltered tea house make this a preferred place to go when you are looking for a little tranquility.
  • Orangerie – Sub-tropical and tropical species can be found in the Orangerie House, many of which play a huge role in everyday medicine.



There are a ton of events and classes to take advantage of at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. If you have ever thought about taking up a new hobby like watercolor painting or floral design, this is a great place to go to learn.


Other Attractions in Atlanta

  • World of Coca Cola – Here you will find an 1880s soda fountain, a 4-D theater, and a live action bottle line. You can even sample almost 60 beverages from different places around the world.
  • Zoo Atlanta – More than 200 species can be found at this zoo located in Grant Park, from 40 gorillas in the Ford Africa Rain Forest to playful giant pandas, there are plenty of animals to learn something new about here.
  • LEGOLAND® Discovery Center – You don’t need to have children to find yourself in absolute bliss in LEGOLAND®. There is a 4-D cinema here, classes with master builders and one of the largest boxes of LEGO® bricks in the world to play with, for ages 3 to 10 years old.
  • Inside CNN Studio Tour – Are you the one who always has CNN on? Even when you are watching a TV show, CNN gets flipped to during commercials. Well, you can get an up-close look at what happens behind the scenes on this 55-minute tour.
  • Georgia Aquarium – If you ask your Atlanta movers about the Georgia Aquarium, there is a good chance that they will have a lot to say. This is the largest aquarium in the world, where you can discover Beluga whales, penguins, sharks and a whole lot more. Several hundred species can be discovered through this 13-acre venue. One of the exhibits is so large it holds 6.3 million gallons of water!

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