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How Much Does it Cost to Move in Chicago?

Move in Chicago

If you’re a resident of the Windy City and find yourself looking to relocate, you might find yourself curious what the average cost to move in Chicago might be. Chicago has a lot to offer — killer deep dish pizza and hot dog stands, a sports scene to keep even the most baseball-obsessed fan satiated, and, in case you weren’t yet aware, you can see four states from the top of the Willis Tower. Chicago also attracts many millennials. Find out why. So if you’re looking for the average cost of local movers, look no further — we’ve done the legwork for you.

Price by Home Size # Movers Average Hourly Rate Additional Truck Fee Approximate Duration Average Total Price
Studio (231cf) 2 movers + truck $87 $75 3 hours $336
1 Bedroom, Small (390cf) 2 movers + truck $87 $75 4 hours $423
1 Bedroom, Large (524cf) 3 movers + truck $106 $83 5 hours $613
2 Bedroom (892cf) 3 movers + truck $106 $83 6 hours $719
3 Bedroom (1215cf) 4 movers + truck $130 $193 7 hours $1103
4 Bedroom (1815cf) 4 movers + truck $130 $193 8 hours $1233

A few details to keep in mind about local moving services:

  • Moving costs within Chicago are calculated by the hour, so a flat-rate moving estimate won’t be an option
  • Obtain a moving van parking permit from the city in advance — $25 per day will cover you, and they are required for moving trucks larger than 16 feet that are parked for more than one hour
  • Allow time for delays in your schedule. Rush hours are roughly from 6:30 10:30 a.m., and 3:30 7:30 p.m., with the evening rush hour, beginning as early as noon on Fridays

And to get you started, here are a few actual local moving estimates from Chicago movers given through Unpakt:

Able Moving & Storage Express Movers & Storage Keep it Moving
$300 (75/hr at 3 hours
travel fee $75)
$305 (85/hr at 3 hours + travel
fee $50
$400 (100/hr at 3 hours + travel
$550 (95/hr at 5 hours
travel fee $75)
$540 (98/hr at 5 hours +travel
fee $50)
$750 (125/hr at 5 hours + travel
fee $125)
$845 (110/hr at 7 hours
travel fee 75)
$925 (125/hr at 7 hours +travel
fee $50)
$1240 (155/hr at 7 hours + travel
fee $155)

For more information about the estimated cost to move locally in Chicago, see our Chicago page.


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