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For Moving Vendors: How to Start the Move Day Off Right

Start the Move Day

The days leading up to your customer’s move are likely filled with a mix of excitement and anxiety, and your team can take some simple steps to make sure that moving day gets started on the right foot. Getting your whole crew onboard to create a positive experience for your customers means better results, return business, and an overall positive business atmosphere. Here’s how to take your customer service from good to excellent and start the move day off right.

Manage expectations before moving day

Confirming details with your customer in the days before the move will ensure that everyone is on the same page and there are no mixed messages to cause confusion. Tell your customer what time to expect the crew to arrive, who they should speak with when the truck pulls up (likely the foreman), and what kind of paperwork will be required before moving can get started. If there are any additional labor or materials charges anticipated, inform your customer of the potential additional costs. The more transparent and clear you can be from the start, the more prepared your customer and team can be.

Have your crew call when they are 30 minutes away

We all know how stressful it can be to hurry up and wait. Most companies provide a 2-3 hour window for arrival, so do your best to keep your customer in the loop about your actual expected arrival. Also let them know if you run into any delays because of traffic, construction, or parking to keep their expectations aligned with your reality!

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First impressions set the tone for the whole day

Upon arrival, your foreman should introduce him or herself immediately. Establish a warm, friendly rapport with the customer and put them at ease — they are in good hands. Talk through the anticipated schedule for the day, including how much time it will take to wrap and/or pack anything that needs to be moved. Do a walk-through with the customer to examine stairways, find out about building cutoff times or elevator permits, and assess whether any adjustments need to be made to your plans. If applicable, discuss when the crew will break to take lunch and answer any other remaining questions about the flow of the day’s activities. Keep it positive, keep it simple, and your customer will feel more relaxed.

Be efficient with your time

If finding appropriate parking is difficult, drop off the foreman and a few crew members to get the moving process started while a driver finds space for the truck. If parking is straightforward, have your crew bring supplies into the building on the first trip rather than waiting to assess the situation. This will reduce the number of trips you need to take back and forth, and will show your customer that your company arrives ready to get to work.

Be honest about possible delays

It’s out of your control — delays happen. If packing, disassembly, or any other aspects of the move are taking longer than anticipated, let your customer know immediately. Assess what that will mean for building or elevator restrictions, and collaboratively create a plan to ensure the rest of the move can go smoothly. Offer solutions to your customers to ensure their buy-in on the changes that must be made, and they’ll feel reassured that you’re tending to the details.

Ensure the office staff is available too

If your customer has a question that the crew can’t answer, perhaps regarding payment or contracts, they need to know they have the support of the office staff on moving day. Whether your staff is large or small, having a live person to answer the phone during business hours can make all the difference for a customer who feels nervous about their move. Help put your customers at ease and let them know who they can call if they need anything.

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