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How to Find Professional Local Movers

How to Find Professional Local Movers

When you’re shopping for a new pair of shoes, you can try them on and walk around the store. You check for fit, function, and quality before you buy, right? Unfortunately, you don’t get to take your moving company for a test run before you hand them all of your worldly possessions. So what’s the inside scoop on how to find professional local movers who will not only be reliable and trustworthy, but will exceed your expectations?

There are a few simple tricks to help you choose the local movers of your dreams. Have a look.

Ask for recommendations before you start searching the internet.

Your friends and family are hands-down the best source for professional movers. Why? Because they’ve had actual, personal experience with them, and (we assume) you trust their perspective. The personal connection to a past customer might also get you priority service or bonus add-ons. You might also get a specifically recommended person to work with who provided your friend or family member with exception service. Why not go with the best of the best?

Once you have a few recommendations, then it’s time to take a look at the reviews. Remember: only a very small percentage of customers leave reviews on platforms like Yelp! and Google Business, and often they have overwhelmingly positive or highly negative things to say. So take everything with a few grains of salt!

How to Find Professional Local Movers

Check your mover’s credentials.

If the mover you’re considering is licensed to conduct moves across state lines, it must be registered with the Department of Transportation. The company must provide the DOT number on its website and in its advertising, making it easy to check on their safety record. You can also see how long the company has been in business through their listing. For movers that only work in-state, the regulations vary from state to state. 33 states require DOT licensing, but others do not. Check on your local regulations to see what you should be looking for.

Then, check the American Moving & Storage Association. Their ProMover program requires that movers adhere to their standards as an association, as well as undergo background checks. Seeing that a mover is a member of AMSA is a clear sign of their commitment to quality!

Get moving estimates.

A good moving company will offer you a comprehensive and thorough quote. Don’t fall for the quick estimate given over the phone with barely any questions! It’s not likely to be accurate, and will probably go up on moving day. So once you’ve narrowed your options for finding professional local movers, get quotes from each one. Here are a few criteria to help you:

  • Do they require a detailed inventory or a home walk-through, either virtual or in-person? Or do they just ask a few questions about the size of your home? To give an accurate moving quote, a local moving company should ask for as much information as possible about your shipment.
  • Is their quote guaranteed or variable? A moving company that offers a guaranteed quote is much more motivated to be accurate in their assessment.
  • Are there any potential added fees or charges for supplies? Be sure you are completely aware of what is included in the estimate, and what would be an additional charge. 

Make sure you understand how your movers calculate the cost of moving.

How to Find Professional Local Movers

Are they actually local movers, or just brokers?

Some companies aren’t actually local moving companies, but rather brokers who hire the shipment out. That means you’ll get a quote from someone who is not directly responsible for the people who show up to move your boxes. You are more likely to get a quality, professional moving experience if you go with local movers that actually hire their movers and are accountable for the work!

Ask questions.

Everyone is bound to have questions about moving. It’s a big life transition in many cases! So are your movers available to answer your questions? If anything feels unclear, make notes and be sure to get answers before you sign any contracts. That way nothing will come as a surprise on moving day!
When it comes to how to find professional local movers, it doesn’t seem like it should be that complicated — but there are certainly a few tricks to getting the best experience possible! If you start to feel overwhelmed, you can always let Unpakt help you filter out the riffraff with our quick and easy process. Tell us about your inventory and projected moving date, and we’ll give you instant moving quotes from movers who are available for the job. What’s more, those quotes are guaranteed. Book your movers easily today.

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