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7 Things You Should Know About Moving and Storage Services

7 Things You Should Know About Moving and Storage Services

The more informed we are, the better decisions we can make! There’s a ton of information out there about how to move locally or long distance. So much, in fact, that it can feel pretty overwhelming! So we’ve got you covered. All in one place, the seven things you should know about moving and storage services. This will help get you started preparing for your next move — whether it’s just around the corner, or a few months away.

Declutter your home before you start the moving process

When you start searching out moving estimates, you want that estimate to actually reflect the things you will take with you. Otherwise you may end up with a moving quote that is way off base because you weren’t actually certain what is going on the truck. One thing you should know about moving and storage services is they are only as efficient and organized as you help them to be! So to insure that you are organized in your new home, start organizing right where you are.

The decluttering process will also help you identify what might need to go into storage near your new home. You may not be ready to get rid of some things, but they also might not be a fit for the new place. Keeping them in a storage unit can be a great solution!

Get multiple accurate moving quotes

It might not be obvious, but moving quotes can vary widely between moving companies. In some cases they can vary to the tune of hundreds of dollars! Quotes can be dependent on the method the moving company uses to assess your freight, any charges that are or aren’t included in the initial quote, and whether the estimate is binding or subject to change. 

To receive the most accurate moving quote, a company that provides moving and storage services will ask for a detailed inventory. They may want to do a walk-through of your home, or they may base their estimate solely on the information you provide. Either way, they should state the terms of their quote clearly and provide it to you in writing. Make sure you read the fine print! (Hint: Unpakt provides guaranteed moving quotes using the inventory method. Check it out!)

7 Things You Should Know About Moving and Storage Services

Including a storage unit can reduce your costs

Many moving companies will offer the option of adding a storage unit onto your moving package. Before you automatically assume it will be more affordable to find something once you’ve finished moving, take a look at their offer. You may find they include a first month free, a discounted monthly rate, or even the option of transporting your belongings to the storage unit for you. So why not make it easier on yourself?

Moving insurance is important

Even the most attentive movers can have mishaps. Traffic accidents or other missteps could result in your belongings being damaged or broken. Make sure you find out what the baseline insurance covers, and decide what level of moving insurance you want. If you’re transporting any high-value items, consider purchasing a higher level of coverage. Most companies should be able to assist you in finding an appropriate policy, though your homeowner or rental insurance company could also have options for you.

Using a packing team can save time, but increase costs

A big thing you should know about moving services? They’re highly customizable. Whether you choose to have your professional movers do the packing or opt to DIY depends on two factors: time and cost. If you have the time to do all of the packing yourself, you can save a bunch on moving costs. But if you’re crunched for time? Have the movers do some if not all of the packing. They’re fast, efficient and will get it all done way faster than you can. And? They come prepared with all of the right materials. 

Choose the right storage unit for your needs

Do you need climate-controlled, high security storage? That depends on what you’re putting there, and how long it will be staying. If you are using storage services as a quick stopover, you might not need to invest in the highest quality unit. But if things will be staying for a while, you want to be sure your unit is well secured. If you’ll be storing clothing, artwork, or electronics, opt for climate-controlled too! Significant changes in temperature and humidity can have damaging impacts on your belongings, especially over the long term. 

7 Things You Should Know About Moving and Storage Services

Moving doesn’t have to be so stressful

When it comes to things you should know about moving and storage services, this isn’t so much a tip as a reassurance! With the right moving company and storage services, your move will require some effort but not chaos. When selecting the right company for you, go with your gut. If you feel well taken care of and the company has answered all of your questions, you’re probably making the right choice! Let Unpakt help you find the right company for your moving and storage needs.

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