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How Millennials Nailed the Magic Formula for Moving

Magic Formula for Moving

Millennials have, for better or worse, been a force of change in nearly every facet of daily life since their influential power came into being. Blessed with a can-do, take charge zest for life, Millennials have been a tremendous catalyst for change across the board. And as the Internet of Things takes hold in our daily routines and leveraging apps and technology to create efficiencies and improvements becomes second nature across the world, one thing has become abundantly clear—Millennials have nailed many magic formulas to success, even in industries that have not undergone any significant change or advancements since their inception. Which leads us to this phenomenal realization: Millennials have officially nailed the magic formula for moving their homes.

Yes, that’s right—Millennials finally figured out what generations of prior moving customers and moving companies could not. They figured out how to make a better moving experience for both the customer and the company—and made it easy to replicate and scale across locations and home sizes.

Why A Magic Formula? The Ugly Truths in Moving That No One Could Fix Before

Wondering what is the magic formula to improved moving? And how did Millennials happen to crack the code? The answer may surprise you.

For the longest time, moving customers understood some very simple, hard truths about moving. First was that it was going to take a while. And not just on moving day—but on all the days leading up to the move. From calling movers and arranging quotes and estimates to packing, coordinating moving day details, and managing storage needs—the act of moving was always incredibly time-consuming. And that couldn’t be changed. Or could it?

Then, moving was also sometimes incredibly difficult and frustrating when trying to understand costs and pricing. Moving companies aren’t required to use the same pricing system and their structures and methods of pricing can vary widely. Even moving industry experts can struggle to understand one quote to the next—and the only constant is that there is no standardization to rely on. And if you weren’t a seasoned moving customer with tons of experience deciphering quotes? Forget about it. It can be nearly impossible to read between the lines and understand the differences between moving quotes and options.

Finally, predicting the quality and reliability of a moving company is next to impossible. With unregulated user review platforms doing most of the heavy lifting on this challenge, moving customers often find themselves at odds with the content of published reviews. Unable to verify legitimacy, customers have reflected on feeling everything from distrust to apathy when reading both positive and negative reviews.

The Millennial Driven Magic Formula for Moving

Millennials understand better than any other generation the opportunity for leveraging technology to improve systems and processes. Technology had never played a critical role in hiring a moving company—until Millennials showed up and demanded it. And the industry responded, supported by booming startup and tech industries, with the magic formula that is overhauling the entire experience in moving.

The magic formula? Having a one-stop marketplace experience that streamlines and structures the entire process from a wasteful, confusing and multi-day waste of time to a simplified yet incredibly powerful structure that offers a solution to all three key issues in moving. Coordinating moving details, finding clarity in pricing and costs, and determining the quality of a moving company.

With the high expectations for convenience, transparency, and accessibility fueling the need to innovate, the magic formula to moving was developed by Unpakt in 2013. It is routinely calibrated to ensure alignment with the expectations of the world’s savviest movers (Millennials). Expect to book short-term storage and multi-stop moves across an array of locations—all online in a matter of minutes? Done. In fact, it is the “Done from the comfort of your couch” kind of done. Want to understand how adding or removing specific items from your inventory affect pricing? Done. It is so “done” you can do it for fun, just to see. And hey, if it turns out you might save money hauling your bed yourself, go for it! The pricing is that clear and simple. Want to know whether your mover is really going to show up and take care of your stuff? All the reviews are from verified customers—the integrity of their reviews has already been vetted for you. And did we mention that we’ve also already vetted the movers? You can’t accidentally hire a mover that doesn’t have insurance or licensing. The options are simplified, the platform is convenient and the formula is finally reinvented. Like magic, only better. Because its real.

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