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In modern times, travel and relocation are highly accessible to the masses, causing an increase in companies relocating their employees to other work locations or relocating employees for a short period of time. If you are in this situation, or any other relocation circumstance, then you have a lot of decisions to make, the most important probably being, “Where exactly do I want to live?” Uses these resources to simplify your search for the perfect home and neighborhood:

Street Advisor allows you to search an entire city, neighborhood, or individual street for the perfect living location. It includes search parameters that can narrow down your choices including types of people (professionals, students, singles, tourists, etc.), average rental price ranges, “personality” (i.e. safe, peaceful, clean, tight-knit, etc.), and even surrounding things to do. Great for helping you find your perfect neighborhood.

Best Places is a site that does an information search for you on a neighborhood based on zip code or address. You simply enter either into the search box, and receive information about the neighborhood, including unemployment rate, crime rate, population in the zip code, comparative cost of living, etc. A very good site for preliminary searches when you are only looking for basic information and not extremely specific data.

While this is paid subscription based, it is very detailed. Neighborhood Scout helps you locate great neighborhoods based on crime rate, commute, education quality, and over 150 more programmable characteristics you can set by making a “neighborhood profile.” This is truly an amazing service that will make searching for the absolute perfect neighborhood a breeze.

Once you have your neighborhood picked out, is an online platform that collects extended-term furnished apartment rental listings (stays for >30 days) that can help you find the perfect apartment to go along with that ideal neighborhood. Search for a rental, contact the host, and book/pay online.

So have no fear. Your search for a temporary home and its neighborhood for your relocation is not a lonely one. Many avenues of assistance and support are at your fingertips. You just need to look.

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