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Best Washington, DC Neighborhoods for Families

washington dc neighborhoods

If you are planning a move to Washington, DC and already have a family or have plans for one in the future, then you will want to choose your neighborhood thoughtfully. This city shows a lot of diversity in its neighborhoods. You do not want to unknowingly move into “bachelor row” where there will be parties all weekend. Of course, looking at a home during the day will not give you a true indicator of what it is like. Ideally, you will be able to drive through a few times before you hire movers. Plus, you want to look for parks and nearby kid-friendly attractions. If this is not possible then you are at the mercy of the internet to help make your decision. Below are a few of the best Washington, DC neighborhoods for families to get you started.

Capitol Hill

There are so many families in this neighborhood that it is often referred to as “Stroller City.” There is even a group for moms called MOTH, or Moms of the Hill. Sorry dads, there are no trendy groups for you yet. Many congress leaders and politicians live in this area, so do not expect housing to come cheap. Many people assume there is no housing in Capitol Hill because this is where the Capitol Building, Marine Barracks, Library of Congress, and Supreme Court Building are. You may be quite surprised that more than 35,000 people live in a 2-square-mile radius. There are homes here from a variety of architectural periods, and you will enjoy a vibrant commercial district. The average price of homes here is $564,000.

Chevy Chase

This charming neighborhood borders DC and Maryland. It includes The Village, Friendship Heights, Rollingwood, Somerset, New Hamlet, and a few other areas. Residents are educated and tend to be involved in arts or politics; sometimes both. Chevy Chase has a community truly committed to their neighborhood, and this is evident in the perfectly manicured landscaping throughout. In fact, tourists from around the globe visit Chevy Chase to see the Japanese cherry blossoms in bloom. Many residents work from home. The crime rate is extremely low and the schools are exceptional.

Glover Park

There is a true sense of community here. There are frequent block parties to participate in, and plenty of kids playing everywhere. This neighborhood is virtually a dead end, so traffic is minimal, which also helps to keep the crime rate low. There is a fantastic farmers market here at Hardy Middle School. Speaking of schools, some of the best in the nation are here. Many local movers often call Glover Park the “Leave it to Beaver” community, and the name suits the area well.


This beautiful neighborhood runs along the Potomac River. It begins just outside Georgetown University and ends at the boundary line of the District of Columbia Maryland. This is a close-knit area and unlike other neighborhoods, you will actually find some small homes and apartments here. Do not assume this means the area is inexpensive to use, though; the median home price is about $720,000. There is also a farmers market in Palisades every Saturday, plus some of the top recommended dining options in DC. The locals love Jetties on Foxhall Road.

Dupont Circle

If you are after an ultra-posh neighborhood, movers will point you to Dupont Circle. Here you will find unique parks, chic restaurants, and an abundance of art galleries. The neighborhood is even served by the metro, so you can reduce your carbon footprint by taking public transportation. Although a trendy area, you will find some pleasantly affordable housing, whether you are looking for an older home bursting with the character or a new condominium.

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