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Best Orlando Neighborhoods to Live in 2021

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You’ve finally answered the call. “The City Beautiful” has been beckoning and you’ve decided to relocate. Whether it’s for the favorable cost of living, the beautiful sunny weather, or the mix of urban and suburban living, Orlando has a lot to offer.

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That said, it’s also a big city. There are a lot of neighborhoods to choose from, so how do you narrow down your search? We’ve put together a list of the best Orlando neighborhoods to live in 2021 to help you find the perfect spot for you.

Park Lake

Located north of Lake Eola, Park Lake/Highlands is a quiet oasis with scenic views. Park Lake is popular amongst young professionals with coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and parks all to keep you entertained.

The Orlando Urban Trail runs through the city and amongst the local cafes. The neighborhood is in high demand and the cost of homes can run from $200,000 to $400,000 but lucky for you, there are a variety of grants available to first-time homebuyers in Orlando.

Delaney Park

Home to one of Orlando’s oldest parks, Delaney Park is great for new parents and families. With top-rated schools and a family-friendly atmosphere, you and your kids will feel right at home.

Delaney Park has picturesque, tree-lined streets with majestic oaks spreading out overhead. You’ll often find families outside playing under the trees and your kids will be sure to have friends on the block to grow up with. You’ll have easy access to virtually everywhere in central Florida while finding parks, lakes, and shopping districts right in your own backyard – figuratively, of course.

Thornton Park

If a chic lifestyle is your speed, Thornton Park is your place. Here you’ll find a variety of unique venues with indie music in abundance, and restaurants nestled in amongst residential spaces on the eastern side of Lake Eola.

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Thornton Park gives an urban-suburban feel with a lively scene of restaurants, shops, a weekly farmers market, and a schedule of festivals throughout the year. If art and wine are your things you’ll be happy to know there’s an Art & Wine Walk every month. Thornton Park has a mix of historic homes and luxury apartments and at a short 10-minute walk from the central business hub, you’ll find it’s popular amongst young professionals.

Downtown/Central Business District

A thriving center of the city, Orlando’s downtown is often seen as the more “sophisticated” area. If you like to live, work, and play amongst the bustle of city life, the downtown neighborhood is for you.

Orlando’s central business district has a variety of galleries, theaters, clubs, and museums, as well as parks to add a bit of balance to the city vibe. Walt Disney Amphitheater hosts festivals, performances, and outdoor concerts throughout the year. Great to take advantage of the year-round sunny weather, right? It also has top-rated schools and is considered one of the safest parts of the city.

Altamonte Springs

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If you’re looking for a neighborhood that has it all, Altamonte Springs may be the one for you. It’s safe and central, only 30 minutes from the bustle of downtown. You’ll find affordable homes, great nightlife and dining options, and an abundance of opportunities to get outdoor for recreation and sports. There are also great schools in the area, making Altamonte Springs appealing for families as well.

Baldwin Park

Those looking for waterfront views and a chance to get outdoors look to Baldwin Park. Here you’ll find its namesake – Lake Baldwin – on the northern edge of the neighborhood. There’s a great mix of walking trails, bars, and restaurants that appeal to young professionals and families alike. 

Baldwin Park is known for being very walkable, so you won’t need to rely upon a vehicle or public transport to get where you need to go. That said, it’s only an easy 15-minute drive to downtown, so you have the best of both worlds!

South Eola

With an appeal to singles and young professionals, South Eola has a bit of everything. You’ll get a nice blend of urban and suburban life if you choose to live here. Farmers markets and cocktail bars could easily both be a part of your sunny Sunday, all without venturing too far from home.

Named after Lake Eola, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in green spaces and outdoor recreation. And at only 5 minutes from the Central Business District, South Eola has it all!

When you’re ready to move to one of the best Orlando neighborhoods to live in 2021, Unpakt can help you out. We can connect you with trusted, reliable movers to help you get there and settled so you can start soaking up the year-round sun and maybe even get out on the lake! Of course, then you just need to decide just which lake you’re off to…

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