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5 Tips for Meeting Young Professionals in Atlanta

Young Professionals in Atlanta

Moving to a new city like Atlanta, especially if you’re headed for a new job, is exciting — but saying goodbye to friends and the business networks you’ve built in your hometown feels a little daunting, no matter what. Fortunately, it’s not so hard to make professional connections in Atlanta, the southern city lovingly known as The Big Peach. Here are 5 tips to help you get to know the young professionals in Atlanta, pronto.

  1. Attend Meetup Events

    The rise of Meetup has been an incredible boon to young professionals who know how to use the internet to make valuable (and fun!) connections in their cities. Peruse the Atlanta Young Professionals Meetup page to find a group that suits your particular niche — whether you’re looking for others in the tech industry, you want to be inspired by other entrepreneurs, or you’re looking for other professionals who happen to be single, there’s a Meetup group waiting. Before you move choose a few that interest you, and then take the bold leap and show up at one of their events, business cards in hand.

  1. Visit the Network Under 40 Crowd

    Born out of a desire for networking events that are young, hip, specifically not singles events and notably not salesy, Atlanta Under 40 is a monthly open event for all who care to join. “No strings attached”, they say — so if you’re looking to get out and meet new people in Atlanta, check out their calendar of events. Their Facebook page is where you’ll see most of their event action, so give them a “Like”.

  1. Check Out Network After Work

    Business events in Atlanta don’t have to be stale — in fact, the Network After Work folks will give you strategies for getting out of your boring office parties and getting over to their after-work soirees instead. There, you might hatch an idea, meet a new business partner, or make a new connection. They use color-coded name badges to help you identify who is in what industry so you can focus your networking efforts — or you can just hang out, have a drink, and make a few new friends. This group is also most active on their Facebook page.

  1. Join the Net Party

    The national NetParty organization has an Atlanta chapter, of course — and the organizational clout to put on classy, invitation-only networking events in Atlanta for young professionals to see and be seen. Their events aren’t free and require RSVP’s, but this means you’ll get a population of young professionals who are committed to advancing their careers and having a good time.

  1. Scan EventBrite

    For groups that don’t have such a viral Facebook following, there’s EventBrite. There you can find listings for networking events in Atlanta like brunches with the “Ladies Who Brunch”, speed networking events, or roundtables that aren’t as easily found with a simple internet search. Reach out ahead of time to make sure it’s the kind of event that suits your networking needs, and then practice your best “elevator speech”. It’s time to build some new connections!


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