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5 Reasons to Love Living in Minneapolis

Living in Minneapolis

Are you thinking of moving to Minneapolis? One of the Twin Cities along with St. Paul, and the capital of Minnesota, Minneapolis is the largest business center between Chicago and Seattle and has the fifth highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. Situated on both banks of the Mississippi River, the city is also rich in natural resources, with numerous lakes, wetlands, creeks and waterfalls.

Here are 5 reasons to love living in Minneapolis:

  1. Lots of employment opportunities

    Being at the center of the second largest economic center in the Midwest and home to many Fortune 500 companies, Minneapolis offers many employment opportunities to job seekers. It’s an exciting place whether you are a young graduate looking for your first job or experienced looking to further your career.

  1. More shoreline than many seaside cities

    Minneapolis may not lie on the shores of a sea, but with 11,000 lakes it has more shorelines than many seaside cities, such as New York and Los Angeles. These mesmerizingly beautiful inland shores offer many opportunities for water activities for everyone, including fishing, boating, and kayaking. This is what makes relocating to Minneapolis such a good idea.

  1. Cross-country ski trails

    In the winter, the city’s parks turn into a paradise for cross-country ski lovers. The Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis have the best and the most cross-country ski trails of any urban area. Some of the best trails are located in Theodore Wirth Park, Columbia Golf Course, Fort Snelling State Park, Como Park, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and Lebanon Hill Regional Park.

  1. Music scene

    Minneapolis has a very exciting music scene that has been named the best after New York, Los Angeles and Nashville. Whether you are into classical, pop, rock, hip-hop or dance music, you will find a place to indulge your passion. Some of the best venues for music include First Avenue and Fine Line Music Café, both located in the Warehouse District, where many illustrious names such as U2, Lady Gaga, and Sheryl Crow have performed.

  1. The biggest selection of quality ice-creams

    If you are an ice-cream lover, you will simply love living in Minneapolis. The city has a huge selection of locally made quality ice-creams that rank among the best in the United States. Some of the best places to savor these delightfully tasty ice-creams include Pumphouse Creamery, Sebastian Joe’s, Izzy’s, Grand Ole Creamery and Crema Café.

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