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10 Things You Must Know Before Moving to LA

Moving to Los Angeles

Glamorous, sunny and sexy, Los Angeles is a dream destination for many. Moving to LA is probably going to be one of the greatest adventures of your life, but also a major change you should prepare for.

Here are 10 things you need to know about LA before you step off the plane at LAX:

  1. Know What You’re Doing (and don’t be too shy to ask)

    Know your goals and make a plan (and a plan B). If you’re confused, reach out to the people around you. Remember, you’re not the first person to start a new life in LA- almost everybody out here has done it before you. Ask for advice and listen to people’s stories. There’s a lot to be learned from your new friends and neighbors.

  1. The Car Debate

    Los Angeles is not a walking city. Most locals use their car to get wherever they need to go, even the grocery store around the corner. Certain neighborhoods are walkable and have good access to public transportation so depending on where you live, work and play, you may be able to get by without a car. However, it is quite likely you will eventually realize you need one after all.

  1. Know the Map

    Having a car means dealing with traffic. Lots of traffic. It would be wise to study the city map and familiarize yourself with the 101, 405 and 10 highway as well as main streets like Santa Monica Blvd, Wilshire Blvd, Pico Blvd, Sepulveda, and Olympic Blvd. You’ll need to maneuver around them sooner or later.

  1. Traffic

    Like the smog, traffic is sometimes so bad you’re better off staying home. Try not to drive from 4pm to 7pm on any day of the week, though monstrous traffic isn’t limited to these times.

  1. Farmers’ Markets

    LA has many farmers’ markets where you can stock up on veggies, fruit and much more while supporting local farmers and artisans. It’s also much more fun to shop at one of these markets than a big supermarket, and it’s often cheaper.

  1. Runyon Canyon

    Runyon Canyon is the place to go if your preferred form of outdoors recreation is hiking. Besides the gorgeous view of the city, you’re also quite likely to see a celebrity or two hiking the beautiful trail.

  1. Flea Markets

    Flea markets are a great place to spend a day, shop for trinkets and find some steals. Los Angeles has some amazing flea markets like the Rosebowl, which takes place on the second Sunday of every month. A word of advice: be there as early as you can or later towards closing time. Early means the best steals will still be there. Late means prices will probably drop.

  1. The Valley

    Also known as San Fernando Valley, it is a part of LA where rents are cheaper and the weather is hotter.

  1. Morning Town

    Waking up early is the law of the land, whether it’s for exercise, work or just plain breakfast. Accordingly, going to bed early is also the norm. If you’re invited to a party try not to be too fashionably late- you’re likely to find everybody has already gone home.

  1. Dinner Party

    Bigger homes, awareness to nutrition and perhaps high prices at restaurants have made LA a dinner party town. You will be invited to some and sooner or later you’ll be expected to reciprocate.

There is also a good chance that if you ask your Los Angeles movers where all the hot spots are, they will be able to point you in the direction of beaches, nightclubs, malls and other main attractions. Ask your Los Angeles movers about the museum. However, if you are like many others, you may want to quench your thirst for art. There is a good chance that even if they have not been there themselves, they will know someone who has. Who knows, the person moving you could be an aspiring artist themselves, and the museum might be their favorite place in the city!If this is the case, you will head over to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


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