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Top 10 U.S. States by Population (Part 1)

U.S. States

So you’re a people person, huh? If you’re planning to move in the new year and you’re looking for a new population of interesting people, look to the top ten largest states by population. We’ve listed out some facts about the top 5, and a few reasons why you may just want to move there! Take a look.

  1. California

    Population: 39,849,872
    Capital: Sacramento
    Largest Cities: Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the country. San Jose, San Diego, and San Francisco are the next largest cities in the state.
    Cost of Living: You’ll pay for the good life. The cost of living in California is about 50% above national average, with housing accounting for a large portion of that cost. Taxes are also known for being the highest in the country but are graduated — meaning they align with income.
    California is known for its Wine Country, with over 60,000 acres of vineyards and 400 wineries in the Sonoma Valley exporting around the world.
    Why move there? California has a landscape for everyone, from the desert to the Sierra-Nevada mountains to the cityscape of Los Angeles. Not to mention those world-class beaches and top-notch surf. Convinced yet?

  1. Texas

    Population: 28,449,186
    Capital: Austin
    Largest Cities: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas
    Cost of Living: The cost of housing in Texas has been well below national average for quite some time. With no state income tax, however, property taxes are higher. The remainder of expenses fall in line with or just below national average, meaning a “living wage” in Texas is $10.20 an hour.
    Fun fact about The Lone Star State: Between 1836-1845, Texas was actually its own sovereign republic. It then joined the United States by treaty, the only state that wasn’t annexed.
    Texans have a special kind of pride in their state, as evidenced by the commonly-referenced motto: “Don’t mess with Texas” (though the state motto is actually “Friendship”). Moving to this southern state will mean becoming part of a strongly opinionated folk who are protective of their freedom, their chili, their sports, and their ranches. They will proudly tell you that Texas is one of the biggest states in the US.

  1. Florida

    Population: 21,002,678
    Capital: Tallahassee
    Largest Cities: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando
    Cost of Living: Home values in Florida took a big hit when the housing market crashed, but they have been slowly on the rise. The average home value in 2015 was $179,000. Rent will cost a bit above national average, as will utilities — but as a low-tax state, you may save some money in that category.
    Florida is known for Mickey Mouse, endless beaches, and the Everglades. You can go from swamps to a jungle, prairies, forests, and estuaries all within the park borders. Keep your eyes peeled for ‘gators, iguanas, and very large snakes.
    Why move to Florida? You get to enjoy the beaches, the wide variety of cuisine, and top-notch sports (everyone comes here to train!) all year round, while everyone else has to go home after their vacation. It’s like a vacation, all the time! Kind of.

  1. New York

    Population: 19,889,657
    Capital: Albany
    Largest Cities: New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers
    Cost of Living: Overall, however, New York’s cost of living is slightly higher than the national average, with housing being the primary factor driving up costs. Utilities are also somewhat pricey, and property taxes in upstate are higher than the national average.
    New York is home to Ellis Island, a historical landmark in America’s history of immigration. Many Americans can trace their lineage back to someone who arrived on these shores, and you can still visit the landmark today.
    The reasons to move to New York could be on either end of the spectrum: you’re in love with the Finger Lakes Region, the Adirondacks, and the charm of upstate’s rolling hills. Or? You’re of the variety that falls in love with NYC and just has to live amidst the bustle and culture of the Big Apple. Either way, New York has a lot to offer.

  1. Pennsylvania

    Population: 12,819,975
    Capital: Harrisburg
    Largest Cities: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Scranton, Allentown
    Cost of Living: Here you’ll find costs are slightly lower than the national average, from rent and home prices to healthcare. Utilities are slightly above national average, but not by much – though taxes are the tenth highest in the country.
    Pennsylvania is jam-packed with important national history — the Liberty Bell, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the birthplace of the Constitution… no big deal.
    Why move to Pennsylvania? Aside from its affordability and rich history, the Keystone State is home to 21 Fortune 500 companies. This means a great economy and excellent job prospects for those looking to climb the ladder, while still maintaining the glory of the northeast’s four seasons.

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