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Where Young Professionals Should Live in Arlington, VA

Arlington VA

Arlington is a city where old and new come together to create a unique urban tapestry. The city’s many neighborhoods are lovingly referred to as ‘urban villages’, which seems to capture the inherent contradiction that is Arlington- metropolis and suburbia all rolled into one. So which urban village is right for you? If you’re a single young professional who likes to go out on the town, you’re probably looking for a kind of urban area with lots of entertainment and retail options. If you’re an employee taking your family along on a corporate relocation, you might be in the market for a quiet, safe neighborhood with great schools and nice parks. Luckily, Arlington caters to all needs and wishes. Read on to learn more about five of its most coveted neighborhoods:

  1. Arlington-East Falls

    East Falls is one of Arlington’s finest neighborhoods, with quite the price tag. It has great education options, with average test scores higher than both the state and national average. It’s very safe, with about half the amount of crime reports than the state average, and a very small percentage of said reports pertaining to violent crime. East Falls has all the amenities an urban village requires, including grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants, shopping hubs, entertainment facilities and parks for fitness and recreation. It’s also highly walkable as well as accessible via public transportation.

  1. Madison Manor

    Close to the city’s western tip, Madison Manor is another exceptional neighborhood in terms of amenities, education, access to transportation and safety. Walking through its streets one can enjoy a retrospective of post-World War architecture, from brick colonials and cape cods to 1970’s town houses. It’s a beautiful laid back neighborhood with easy access to the busier, commercial parts of town. But what really makes this neighborhood great, despite its soaring real estate prices, is its people and sense of community. The Madison Manor Civic Association organizes such community events as a Halloween bonfire, Easter egg hunt, parades and picnics year round.

  1. Ballston-Virginia Square

    Ballston combines metropolitan high-rises and dense commercial buildings with single-family homes and luxury condos. Like the other neighborhoods on our list, it’s not on the cheap side, but it provides a lively urban living experience for the young and young at heart. The average age in this neighborhood is 36, which means millennials relocating for a job will be surrounded by their peers. You know a neighborhood likes to live it up when it sports about 70 restaurants within a five block radius.

  1. Arlington Ridge

    This southern neighborhood is a favorite for families looking for a close-knit community. Turnover in Arlington Ridge isn’t frequent, and most families who move in never seem to want to leave. Obviously, with the neighborhood being quite small, prices are not very low. But for a family who won’t compromise either a sense of community or proximity to DC, Arlington Ridge may seem an obvious choice. It is also very safe and has great schools, parks, and some nice shopping.

  1. Williamsburg

    Located on the border of Fairfax County, Williamsburg is another community with a small town feel. Most of its inhabitants reside in single-family homes and use their cars more frequently than in other neighborhoods on this list. The reason is that Williamsburg is almost strictly residential, which is great for families and those who aren’t moving to the county for its hot spots and entertainment options. Williamsburg is a place to raise your kids in peace, learn your neighbors’ names and be part of a community. You know what they say- it takes a (n urban) village.

These urban villages may be a bit pricey, but they are significantly more affordable than similar neighborhoods in Washington DC. For more options in the area, why not consider moving to Richmond?


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