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Best Time to Move

You are probably thinking that the best time to move is whenever you have the money for your security deposit of down payment, as well as enough left over to cover hiring movers, right? Well, if you put a little thought into the day you choose to move, you could save yourself a lot of money. Many people assume that movers have a flat rate that they charge everyone year-round. This is not true. Not to mention, certain times of the week, month and year, movers get overbooked. This means that they are in a huge rush to move onto the next job so there is a greater risk of something getting damaged.

Know Which Days to Avoid

The absolute last thing you want to do is move on the 1st, 15th, 30th, or 31st. Not only are these the most popular days to start and end a lease, they are also payday for many people. Movers charge top dollar on these days because they can. They know that if your lease ends on the 31st, you have to move into your new place, and you will pay to make it happen. If you don’t absolutely have to move on these days, then don’t. If your lease is done, see if your landlord will just let you pay for a few more days. Most are willing to do this knowing that if you are not in a huge rush then you are more likely to take the time to clean.

Opt for Dead Days

The best days to move are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, as long as the above mentioned days don’t fall on them. These are the slowest days for movers, so they are far more likely to cut you an extra great deal just to have something scheduled. Mondays can be good as long as you are not coming off a holiday weekend, and Fridays are better than Saturdays and Sundays, but still typically busier than the other days. A lot of people take Fridays off work so then they have the weekend to get settled.

Avoid Summer Moves

Do you know that the average move in June will cost 15 to 20 percent more than one in March? June is the most popular month to move; July through September are quite busy as well. Everyone wants to move during the summer to avoid rain, snow, and cold temperatures. If your lease ends August 31st, see if your landlord will extend it one to three months. As long as you have been a good tenant and you don’t wait until the last minute when they already have people interested then there is a good chance that they will cooperate. Besides, the movers are doing all the hard work so who cares what the weather is like. Not only will you get a better rate, you will likely get to choose your day and time at a great price¬†if there are a ton of openings in their schedule.

Consider the Weather

Although weather really is not a factor for in-city moves, it should be considered for cross-country moves. This is especially true if you move from somewhere like Georgia up to Vermont. Watch the Doppler closely; you really don’t want your movers driving through the worst winter storm of the season. Not only is it dangerous, it will take significantly longer to get there, which will reflect in your bill. Not to mention, if you are already at your new place, you will be waiting for your belongings to arrive. If that is not enough, do you really want to shovel two feet of snow just to get in your driveway?

Be Flexible

Flexibility cannot be stressed enough. The more flexible you are with the day, month, and season, the better chance you have of getting a good deal and better service.

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