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Top 5 Ways to Save Money When Moving During Moving Season

Save Money When Moving During Moving Season

Everyone will tell you that one of the easiest ways to save money with your move is to plan it during the “off” season. Well, this is great if you don’t have a lease ending, or if you are not moving for a job. It does not matter how much money you will save if you wait a month, the option is not always a possibility. This does not mean that there are not ways to still save a little cash, though.



The less stuff you have to move, the less expensive your move will be. It just makes sense to get rid of everything you don’t need before you even start packing. Think about it; if your movers are charging by the hour, then fewer boxes equals fewer trips to and from the truck in both locations.

Take the time to go through everything and sell, donate or trash items that you can live without. Chances are good that you will find a lot of stuff you forgot you even had. This will help reduce your moving expenses considerably.


Pack Your Own Stuff

Do you really need to pay someone to come in and do your packing for you? You may be saying that you just don’t have time to take care of everything, but if you start early and do a little here-and-there, it will get done! Set the timer on the stove for 15 minutes everyday and power pack. Surely you can spare 15 minutes! By the time moving week comes along, you should only have essentials left to take care of.


Skip the Expensive Supplies

Some people spend a ridiculous amount of money on packing supplies. This is an area that will save you the most significant amount of money. First of all, you do not need to buy boxes from the moving place. There are restaurants, stores and other businesses that throw out boxes every day. They will be happy to let you have them; you simply need to ask.

You don’t need bubble wrap or other similar items either; you just need a little creativity. The only thing you should need to buy is tape. You can use towels, linens, blankets, shirts, etc., to wrap breakables. These items can also be stuffed in boxes to fill space. They are all going to the same place, so you might as well make use of them.


Compare Moving Companies

Although all moving companies will typically charge more during the moving season, this does not mean you should accept the first bid you get. Do a little comparison shopping, and make sure you are indeed comparing like quotes. One may be cheaper, but it could have hidden fees. Can you move during the week instead of on the weekend? This will save you money as well.


Be Ready to Go

The last thing you want to do is wait until the movers are on the way to finish your packing. You should be ready to go before they get there. Move your car out-of-the-way, or have a parking space reserved for them. You can even start moving boxes out of bedrooms and into the main living area to help cut down on time. It is helpful to take a load of belongings in your car too. Every little bit will help to save you money.



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