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Top 5 Reasons Real Estate Agents Register with Unpakt

Register with Unpakt

There are a lot of great reasons for real estate agents to partner with a moving company for referrals. But there are also a lot of downsides—namely what happens if the moving company doesn’t perform to expectations. However, partnering with Unpakt removes these risks and creates a greater opportunity for real estate agents to reap the benefits of positive referrals. Need more reasons? We have five more awesome reasons that hundreds of real estate agents have already registered with Unpakt.

  1. They can recommend moving companies without having to review licenses and reviews first or jeopardize their reputations.
  2. They can receive referral fees from any moving company on Unpakt without having to seek separate agreements.
  3. They get branded URLs and materials to make sharing with their clients easy and tech-savvy.
  4. They can choose whether to make a referral fee, give a discount to their clients or both.
  5. They get all of this after about 10 seconds worth of work and it is totally free, always.

Don’t miss out – Register with Unpakt and get your clients moving!

Register with Unpakt

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