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Moving Out: Final Walk Through Checklist

Moving Out: Final Walk Through Checklist

The movers are done packing the moving truck, and you have loaded the car with your most valuable possessions.  It appears that you are ready to lock up your old place and move forward, but take a few minutes before you leave and through with this checklist to be certain that you have everything when moving out.

Check All Outlets

A quick check of the electrical outlets before you leave will keep you from leaving behind the cell phone or laptop chargers, and other important cords that you need for your electronics. Also double check any areas you kept electronics to make sure you did not leave a cable box or internet router behind.

Make Sure Everything is Turned Off

When you leave, you want everything to be turned off. Check every room to make sure all the lights are turned off.  Double check the kitchen to make sure that the oven and burners are all switched off. If you left a fridge behind, unplug it and prop the door open, so mold doesn’t grow. If your landlord didn’t tell you how he wanted you to leave this appliance you might want to call him and ask how he wants it left.

Check Cabinets and Closets

Do a final check of all the closets and cabinets in the house especially in your bathroom and kitchen. People routinely forget things on the back of closet doors or on high shelves.

Document Utility Meters

A wise thing to do as you leave your old home is to snap a photo of the utility meters. This gives you a date and time-stamped account to pass along to the utility companies, and could save you from paying the next owner or tenant’s bill.

You might find something in your final walk through that now you don’t have to replace; saving you money, time and the aggravation of searching for it. It is well worth your time to take a few minutes to double check everything. Moving is stressful, but by doing a final walk through you help minimize the worry that you left something behind.


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