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Should You Move to Phoenix, Arizona? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Move to Phoenix

Nowadays moving to a new city can really mean… just about anything, or anywhere. With so many options, it’s important to ask yourself some questions about your lifestyle and preferences to help determine your next move. If you’re considering relocating to Phoenix, for example? Here are the questions you should ask yourself first, to see if Phoenix is the right fit for you and your needs.

  1. Do you like spending time outdoors and in nature?

    Whether you’re looking to float down the Salt River, go mountain biking in some stunning desert terrain, or just go for a stroll, Phoenix has a lot to offer — and residents would say it’s what keeps them so happy. The Tonto National Forest is right nearby, and 189 city parks, 33,000 acres of desert preserves, and 200 miles of trails make the outdoors incredibly accessible and a way of life for the locals. So if you’re an outdoorsy kind of person, Phoenix is right up your alley. “Going out” on the weekends with your friends might mean more hiking than clubbing in this city. Have a look at this blog post for some outdoor adventure recommendations.

  1. What is your favorite kind of weather?

    Do you like cloudy afternoons and cool, rainy nights? You might look towards Seattle. But if you’re a creature of the sun Phoenix is where it’s at. The Sun Valley averages 300 days of sun each year and approximately a third of the year the temperatures will climb to 100 degrees, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work on your tan — and you can leave your mittens and hats behind. You won’t need them here.

  1. Are you a sports fan?

    Locals love to get their excitement on the golfing greens or at Chase Stadium. There’s a Phoenix Open every year that brings the PGA Tour to the city, and there are a surprising number of courses strategically located around the city. Chase Field has gotten Phoenix weather under control too, with a retractable roof and an incredibly powerful AC system that can drop desert temperatures to a manageable heat for fans and teams alike. The Diamondbacks are every Phoenix resident’s reason to love baseball.

  1. Why type of nightlife do you like, if at all?

    When the sun goes down, Phoenix goes out. Whether you’re in the mood for dueling pianos, a bar band, and some PBR, or a cigar and a martini, the nightlife in Phoenix really delivers a little something for everyone. Hit up one of the fantastic Mexican restaurants for some margaritas or try the fried rattlesnake with prickly pear cactus fries at the Rustler’s Rooste to get your night started right, and then see where the desert air takes you.

  1. Are you thinking about starting your own business? Or are you looking for job opportunities

    Five Fortune 500 companies call Phoenix home, so you could say that success is in the air. The city is ripe with opportunity for those who are interested in relocating to Phoenix with big ideas in hand, so be prepared to hit the ground running.

  1. Do you want to live a greener lifestyle?

    When there are only 65 days of rain per year, there’s little excuse for leaving your bike at home. Many Phoenix residents are avid cyclists, and for those who prefer not to sweat, the LightRail can get you to wherever you need to go. But with 4.5 miles of Bicycle Boulevard downtown and access to the Grid Bike Share Program, pedal power is really the way to go.

  1. What type of views and scenery do you like? (desert, beach, forest, rivers/lakes, etc)

    Vistas? Phoenix has them in spades. The desert sunset (or sunrise) is really something to be admired, and scenery like The Grand Canyon really isn’t that far away. There’s a reason that the tourists flock to Phoenix every year: it’s just pretty. You won’t see a beach around these parts, though, unless you count the water park. So keep that in mind.

  1. Do you have a family?

    Phoenix isn’t just for adults. Places like the Arizona Science Center have days worth of entertainment and education for kids of all ages, and despite the rumor that the city is full of snowbirds and retirees, it’s actually a very multi-generational city with a lot of progressive opportunities for the kids. Which brings us to:

  1. Are you in your mid-20’s – mid 30’s?

    Guess what? You’ll find a lot of people in your age range in Phoenix. You’ll also find a fair number of people older than you, but it’s this age group that’s been making the city vibrant and alive in terms of nightlife, sports, and more. There are housing options for everyone as well, particularly since most of the retirees choose to live a bit further towards the outskirts.

  1. What type of wildlife do you like?

    How do you feel about living on Animal Planet? Phoenix is home to a lot of varied wildlife, including very healthy populations of coyotes. There are a plethora of snakes too, so if you’ve got a phobia, you may want to reconsider. But expect to see Gila monsters, Javelinas, roadrunners, and desert tortoises on the regular — and maybe a mountain lion or a golden eagle if you’re lucky.

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