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How to Properly Care for Your Art Prints When Moving

Care for Your Art Prints When Moving

Your wall art is likely one of your most prized possessions. When making that big move, you’ll want to keep your pieces as safe as possible — especially if you’re traveling far. CanvasPop is a company that turns any photo into unique wall prints, and are experts when it comes to anything art related. Here are some tips they’re sharing to help you properly care for your art when moving.

Pack Them Well

By far the most important step, you’ll need some flat-pack cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper, and packing tape. Whether you’re packing a canvas print or framed glass print, start by bubble wrapping each individual piece. Be generous and use the packing tape to ensure the wrap is on there snuggly. Pay close attention to the corners of each piece. Corners offer suffer the most damage during travel.

Assemble a flat-pack cardboard box to slip your art pieces into. If there is extra room on the bottom, top, or sides of the box, stuff in some wadded up newspaper. It’s important that the print can’t shift in the box while being transported. Finish up by generously taping the top and bottom of the box shut. Learn more in our blog post about packing artwork for moving.

Safe Storage

If you won’t be moving into your new home right away, safely storing your art is key. Your prints must be kept covered at all times to avoid a buildup of dirt and dust. If there is any chance of a water leak in the area you are storing in, account for this. Never store art in a damp room. Your prints need to be stored in an upright position, and don’t leave anything heavy on top of them. Over time this could crease canvas material, break glass, or even damage frames.

Keep Them Clean

If your move is complete and you’re ready to hang your prints, give them a good clean before you do. Use a soft duster or microfiber cloth to start. Never use any abrasive materials or products when cleaning a canvas print or framed print as this can damage the laminate or glass. If you need to use a damp cloth to remove sticky residue, this is fine.

Plan Out Where to Hang Them

Now comes the fun part! When scoping out a location to hang your art, there are a few things to keep in mind. Pay close attention to temperature or humidity in the room you choose. Try to avoid hanging your prints in a bathroom with a steamy shower, and never hang anything directly over a heat source. Extreme changes in temperature can be extremely damaging over time — especially to a canvas print.

Even if your print is protected with a laminate or glass, you should avoid hanging any type of art in direct sunlight. Constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays not only creates an unsightly glare on framed pieces, but it will also cause your art to eventually fade or warp.

This post was provided by CanvasPop. CanvasPop provides high quality handcrafted canvas and framed art prints to people around the world.

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