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Easy Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

Easy upgrades to increase the value of your home

Who doesn’t want to get some additional money when they sell their house? Every little bit counts, especially if you are upgrading to a larger home or making a significant move cross country. The sale value is one part appraisal, and one part buyer appeal. So why not do a few easy upgrades to increase the value of your home? Even if you only tackle a few of the things on this list, your potential buyers will be impressed when they take a tour. Have a look.

Improve your curb appeal

Potential buyers will see the side of your house facing the street first. First impressions really matter when it comes to how much someone is willing to pay for your home. This is the time to power wash everything, including the driveway. Then paint the front door, freshen up your front steps with some new plants, upgrade to a welcoming doormat, and clear away anything that’s particularly personal to your family. A potential home buyer should be able to envision themselves coming home to your doorstep!

Easy upgrades to increase the value of your home

Invest in landscaping

According to Century 21 realtors, good landscaping can increase a home’s value by up to 27%. That’s a significant increase in value! So if you know you plan to sell your home, start getting your yard in tip-top shape. If you have a short turnaround, consider having a landscaper come and work their magic. They know the tricks of the trade that will have your yard looking amazing in no time, without needing to wait for things to grow. 

Easy upgrades to increase the value of your home

Make the foyer cozy

Once the potential homebuyers have been impressed by the landscaping and front door, next is the entryway. Show them that you have cared for the home by putting a bench or seat near the door with an area for taking off shoes. Add an accent mirror or some artwork, and declutter the area of all your personal effects. This is a great spot for nice lighting, and perhaps some cut flowers or greenery.

Give your kitchen cabinets a facelift

Kitchen cabinets tend to accumulate smudges and dirt since they are touched so often. This can dull the look of even the nicest kitchen. Put in the effort to paint your kitchen cabinets — ideally two coats of paint — and your kitchen will immediately look brand new. If you really want to give an updated look, install new drawer pulls and handles. This small touch can be an easy way to make a kitchen look more modern, or to highlight a rustic-chic vibe.

Replace your outlet and light switch covers

These are yet another part of the house that get discolored and dirty with time. A new set costs almost nothing; if you really want to make them disappear into a colorful wall, add a coat of paint to the covers, too. The little things really do matter when you want to increase the sale price of your home.

Easy upgrades to increase the value of your home

Update your lighting fixtures

Nothing dates a house more than lighting fixtures from the ’80s. Choose something understated but modern to give your bathroom wall sconces, dining room pendants, and entryway lighting. You can go with simple, fairly inexpensive fixtures — the new residents might just change them anyway. Aim for a low-stress move as much as possible!

Have the walls painted

Speaking of paint, a fresh, well-done coat of paint can make any space look a thousand times cleaner. Your potential buyers don’t want to see fingerprints or dings in their potential new home, after all. Nobody needs to know that your kids had a field day drawing on the walls. Your potential buyers will see fresh and new, and that will increase the value of your home.

Clean the carpets and floors thoroughly

Either rent a carpet cleaner or have them cleaned professionally. Just make sure you do this well in advance of any showings since it can take carpets a little while to dry. Depending on how your tile or hardwood floors are looking, you might be able to get away with a good scrub. But a floor polisher might just add that extra shine that will have potential buyers scrambling to get their checkbooks!

Ask your agent

Your real estate agent likely has a good sense of what people are looking for in a new home right now. The market goes through trends just like everything else! If it’s lighting fixtures, go for those. If it’s a certain type of landscaping, tackle that. The more you can cater to the market, the higher your asking price can be.

Once you’re under contract on your high-value home and ready to move, download our app! We’ll be happy to help you move to your new home.

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