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Best Movers of the Month – July Edition

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Summertime move could mean one of two things: you, sweating and carrying boxes and furniture and knickknacks out of one home and into another, or you, sipping lemonade while a skilled team of movers takes care of all the heavy lifting.

We here at Unpakt know that you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your belongings, so we’ve compiled a list of July’s best movers to give you a head start on choosing your team of professionals. This month’s companies are all California-based movers, so if you’re moving on the West Coast, your fellow Unpakt users have rated these companies highly. You know that you and your belongings are in good hands.

24/7 Moving and Storage

A small, close-knit company based in sunny San Diego, California, 24/7 specializes in Southern California moves. Their team can do it all, from antiques and art to disassembling and reassembling your furniture — and they come highly recommended.

Sarah had this to say: “They were on time, kind and professional and very hardworking. The owner, Alex is also a good salt of the earth guy. He stepped in to address my concerns and did everything possible to alleviate stress on moving day. I would certainly recommend 24/7 Movers. Moving is hard enough. Having a good company that you can trust makes all the difference.”

Super Movers Express

A full-service company, Super Movers offers everything from crating and art packing to storage options. They know that you have better things to be doing in the city than figuring out how to reassemble your tables and chairs, so they will take care of that for you while you get to know your new home — getting you moved quickly, efficiently, and with kindness.

Laura agrees: “Very professional, efficient, and made move-out day so much easier and stress-free. I highly recommend Super Movers Express.”

Pack and Move

With 25 years of moving expertise in Livermore, CA, they are the go-to moving company for anyone moving around the Bay Area. They’ll help you plan your move, deliver shipping materials in advance for no extra charge, and even pick up the materials you didn’t need.  They pride themselves on making your move as stress-free and simple as possible, utilizing their many years of experience in The Bay.

Lauren particularly appreciated their skills: “Friendly and helpful. Took good care to protect our furniture from damage.”

Rabbit Movers

Their inspirational philosophy is not one you might expect from a seasoned NY moving company. To them, moving from one residence to another is like moving through the chapters of one’s life, and their mission is to lead you from point A to B in the same way Alice was led to wonderland by the white rabbit. They’re not only poetic, they’re also highly professional, experienced and reliable, as Unpakt customers’ reviews affirm.

As Jeff put it: “Rabbit was the nicest moving service ever. Guys were upbeat, appreciative, and fast. My move took legitimately 1.5 hrs. Insanely quick. And all my items were intact.”

Walsh Moving and Storage

Operating out of the same building since 1964 they’ve grown in size immensely since that time! Based in Torrance, CA, Walsh Moving serves the Long Beach area with great pride in their long history of service. The business has stayed in the family, and now Walsh Moving has expanded its services to meet the needs of every mover: storage, long-distance moving, packing services, and more.

Michelle wrote on Yelp: “Their price was way less than the other two estimates I obtained.  But, guess what.  Their service was OUTSTANDING.  Seriously, they wrapped my couch and furniture like a Christmas present.  So well protected.  Everything came to me in excellent shape. Great service.  Friendly.  Excellent price.”

Best of luck on your move, whether you’re staying West Coast or heading cross country — and don’t forget to secure your rates using Unpakt.

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