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How Much Does it Cost to Move Locally in Portland?

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If you’re one of the many trying to move within the city of Portland, Oregon, you know it’s no easy task. Real estate and rentals go within a single day and the desirable parts of town see very little turnover — so those open houses you’ve attended were likely crowded and chaotic, and you couldn’t fill out applications fast enough.

We understand your pain. But if you’ve gotten to this stage, where you’ve secured a new home and you’re pricing out movers? Congratulations! So that you know what to expect moving forward, here’s the inside scoop on the average real cost of moving in Portland.

Price by Home Size # Movers Average Hourly Rate Additional Truck Fee Approximate Duration Average Total Price
Studio (231cf) 2 movers + truck $106 $0 3 hours $318
1 Bedroom, Small (390cf) 2 movers + truck $106 $0 4 hours $424
1 Bedroom, Large (524cf) 3 movers + truck $147 $0 5 hours $735
2 Bedroom (892cf) 3 movers + truck $147 $0 6 hours $882
3 Bedroom (1215cf) 4 movers + truck $189 $0 7 hours $1323
4 Bedroom (1815cf) 4 movers + truck $189 $0 8 hours $1512

[Data from January 2016]

A few other notable details about moving locally in PDX:

  • Binding estimates are NOT permitted. Movers in Portland price local moves (below 30 miles) by hourly rates. If for some reason your move will take longer due to difficult stairs or a lot of fragile items, factor that in.
  • Reserve a parking permit five business days in advance of your moving day — especially critical if you’re relocating to an apartment building in a high-traffic area or with limited parking spots. Some full-service moving companies will offer to help you do this because they know it will save them a headache too.
  • Local moves over 30 miles are priced based on weight and distance, so you can get a binding estimate if your move is a long distance. Just keep in mind any major changes to weight will change your price accordingly.
  • Each mover’s quoted hourly rates include the truck fee, meaning one less surprise cost on moving day.

Time to find your Portland-based mover? Here are real quotes from a few we recommend:

2 Brothers Moving Northwest Movers Bridgetown Moving Portland Movers
2 Movers + 1 Truck $89/hour $101.65/hour $105/hour $126.65/hour
3 Movers + 1 Truck $129/hour $139.79/hour $145/hour $175.8/hour
4 Movers + 1 Truck $169/hour $177.75/hour $185/hour $224.95/hour

[Quotes from January 2016]

Best of luck with your move in Portland!

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