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Best Movers of the Month – October Edition

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At Unpakt, we understand how important customer service is when it comes to selecting your next moving company. The way that a moving company answers client questions and makes the moving process as stress-free as possible can help you narrow down your choices and find the best movers that are just right for you.

Unpakt has compiled a list of top-notch moving companies that are among the best in the business for the month of October. Here are our picks for the best movers of the month, as well as feedback from previous customers.

CCS Moving

CCS Moving can help make your NYC-area move much easier. The moving company gets a B+ from Unpakt, and CCS Moving gets more than three stars for professionalism, communication, and high-quality service. If you need to move a little further than NYC and are making your home in Long Island, Connecticut or New Jersey, CSS Moving has you covered.

Customers have had great things to say about this moving company, including Ebony N. who stated, “I could not have asked for better service. Moving is already a headache. CCS made my life so much easier. Friendly people and most of all a quick move. Thank you CCS!”.  Margaret K. also stated that the CSS team was, “professional and efficient.”

Best Quality Movers

Best Quality Movers is located in Encino and specialize in local moves. The professional team is especially proficient in packing expensive art, assembling and disassembling large or valuable furniture pieces and storage. Unpakt gives Best Quality Movers a B+, and the company has received over four stars in professionalism, quality of services and communication.

Donald B. says he was impressed with the movers because “Sergei and his crew worked their butts off. There were no missing or broken items. They packed, loaded and unloaded with great care and skill.” and Hostos M. shares that “Best Quality Movers were amazing.”

Atlanta Pro Movers

These Atlanta-area movers have all the skills you need to transition into your new home with all your valuable items intact. Atlanta Pro Movers specializes in moving pianos and antiques and the team can also carefully dismount artwork from the walls and deliver additional boxes to you to make your move a little easier.

Customers like Chelsea N. stated, “They were very careful with my belongings, wrapped everything up tight and moved extremely quickly. Even on a very hot day in June! I would definitely recommend them to people in the future”. Monica D. gave Atlanta Pro Movers five stars for quality of service, communication, and professionalism.

404 Movers

404 Movers serve the Atlanta metro area, but you can also contact the professional team for moving services just outside of Atlanta. Crating services are available through the company, and 404 Movers can also pack pianos and antiques and the company is fully licensed and insured.

Bobby C says, “404Movers called me the day before and confirmed everything. I can describe them as fast and efficient. They moved my stuff in and out with care and workers were respectable. No complaints and will use them again”. Erik H gave 404 Movers four stars for professionalism and quality of service and five stars for communication.

Olympia Moving and Storage Inc.

Olympia Moving and Storage Inc. is based in Stokie and serves the Chicago area. The company gets a B+ rating from Unpakt, and the team is just as proficient with storing furniture as they are with moving it. Valuable items like artwork and pianos are transported safely with Olympia, and customers have great things to say about the company.

Kacy G. states that “Olympia was great; my only regret is that they can’t handle our next move within North Carolina. Roey was so helpful and knowledgeable, and our movers impressed us with their superhuman strength and speed. Cannot recommend them highly enough!” Olympia Moving and Storage has also received five stars for communication, quality of service and professionalism.

Be sure to check the Unpakt website and blog often for more reviews and recommendations for the best moving companies to meet your needs. Happy moving!

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