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Best Home Inventory Apps

Best home inventory app

Once upon a time, people would write long, detailed lists of all of the furniture and appliances in their house in order to keep track of what needed to be moved to their new home.

Now, there’s an app for that. Or, multiple apps to be precise — you can choose the one that suits you best. If you’re ready to streamline your moving experience by using a home inventory app, then have a look at these top-notch options.


iOS and Android

The free version of this app includes space for 100 items, gives you starter checklists, and allows you to create searchable tags and categories for your belongings. The moving checklist itself will even help you decide where to start the packing process and includes tools to help you mark things you want to get rid of before moving day. The Pro version allows unlimited items, printable QR tags, and syncs seamlessly with your Evernote for a monthly subscription of $3.99.


iOS and Android 

This free app offers unlimited uploads of photos of your items, as well as the option to divide them into rooms and categories of your liking. This app is geared specifically towards home inventory for insurance purposes, so you might even use it once you finish settling in to take a full inventory of your new home in case the worst happens. Link up multiple devices and let your kids help you take pictures of everything to make moving more fun.

Home Inventory

$39.99 for iOS

Are you willing to pay a little for a ton of extra features? This app offers some pretty cool features, including the ability to upload and store receipts and warranty information, maintenance scheduling alerts for your appliances and home systems, coverage analysis to see if you have an adequate home or renters’ insurance, and even an estate planning feature to assign items to heirs. If you’re serious about maintaining an in-depth record of your home, this is one of the best home inventory apps for keeping incredible detail.

Magic Home Inventory


For those who like creating categories and visual organization maps, this home inventory app for Android might be your new favorite thing. Use the custom camera to take photos of all of your items and then sort them into rooms, containers, and/or properties if you’re dealing with items in a storage unit or Airbnb as well as at your home. Export and share your inventory with your professional movers or the rest of your family to make sure everyone is on board with your masterful inventory system.

Memento Database

Android and Desktop

Memento Database can be used both on your Android phone as well as your Windows operating system. Using the free version, you can upload unlimited items into 3 libraries with 50MG of Cloud storage; the Lite version is just $3 a month and includes unlimited libraries and 2G of storage. The biggest draw? Incredible versatility. Memento can display your data in a wide range of formats, export to a Google Spreadsheet, and more.

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