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6 Reasons Why Hoboken is a Great Place to Live for Millennials


It’s no secret that New York City, despite all of its glamour and culture, has priced itself out of range for many Millenials. That doesn’t mean you’re completely ready to skip town, though — so perhaps it’s time to look to the periphery for a better option. Considering moving to Hoboken? We thought you’d never ask. Here are 6 reasons why we recommend Hoboken for millennials.

  1. You won’t need a car

    If you’ve been living in the City, chances are you don’t have a car — nor do you want to be bothered with buying one. Hoboken ranks near the top of the list for the nation’s most walkable cities, and transportation into the city on the train or the ferry takes under 30 minutes. Meaning? You can keep your bicycle, lace up your sneakers, and keep on walking. If you’re relocating to Hoboken without knowing any of the locals, you’ll find many of them are also out and about, so smile at a stranger or two and make some new pedestrian friends.

  1. Hoboken has a resident superhero

    You read that right- Marlon Rodrigues, a.k.a. Hoboken Batman rides up and down Washington Street on his Bat Bike. His Bat Bike. It’s not just for show, though: he’s been known to help direct traffic for emergency vehicles, pose for photos with a passer-by, and generally lighten the mood in downtown Hoboken. If you’re moving to a new city, perhaps this criteria should be on your list.

    He’s a massage therapist by day and a community do-gooder the rest of the time, so we can’t imagine that Hoboken could be better protected from harm.

  1. Welcome to the Hipster Capital of America

    Surprisingly (or not?), the hipsters have left Brooklyn and taken up residence in Hoboken. surveyed some of the most hipster-prone cities in the country and determined that Hoboken ranks higher than even Corvallis, WA, and Portland, OR. Also, along with the hipsters comes a strong foodie scene, great art culture, and an abundance of eccentric cafes and bookstores. Score.

  1. Support local business easily

    New York can feel so overwhelmingly full of chains that living in Hoboken is a breath of fresh, local, unique air. Hit up stores like O Mistress Mine for some true vintage finds, Symposia Bookstore for the only bookstore in Hoboken or Clam Broth House to get a taste of one of the oldest restaurants in the city (originally opened in 1899, though it was closed for a little while). Local gem Carlo’s Bakery is the home of the infamous Cake Boss as seen on the Lifetime Channel, so you should probably sample his wares too. All in all, the predominance of Millennials in the area, who value shopping locally, makes it easy to do so in Hoboken.

  1. Dogs, dogs everywhere

    Dog lovers rejoice: Hoboken residents love their four-legged friends enough to have a Hoboken Dog Association! That means plenty of dog parks where your furry friend can get out and play, including water sources to keep everyone happy. They also offer resources to help you navigate Hoboken’s regulations around dogs, so if you’re relocating to Hoboken with a dog in tow, read up to be sure you’re in the know. And? Dogs are an excellent way to make new friends, so get yourself out to the dog parks and help prevent loneliness in your new town.

  1. The location is prime

    It’s a quick and easy commute to New York City, the Jersey Shore is right there, and the mountains are a close drive. What could be better? Hoboken gets all four seasons too, so if you’re moving to New Jersey from an area that sees less variety, get ready for some spectacular seasonal transitions. There isn’t much that you can’t easily access from Hoboken, so if you’re looking for a Millennial-friendly, vibrant city, Hoboken should be on your list.


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