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10 Reasons Why Living in Indianapolis is Wonderful

Living in Indianapolis

What do you think about when you hear the name Indianapolis? Our guess is the first word that comes to mind isn’t “awesome”. But it should be. And here’s why living in Indianapolis is wonderful:

  1. It’s Affordable

    The overall cost of living in Indianapolis is about 12% lower than the national average, which makes it one of the more affordable cities in the country. Healthcare, groceries, and utilities are all significantly cheaper in Indianapolis, but the real whopper is the cost of housing.

  1. Even Housing is Affordable!

    The median cost for homes in Indianapolis is 34% lower than the national average, which means your housing budget will go way further than in most other cities. Homeownership in Indianapolis is (way) more easily attainable, and housing options include a variety of homes, from early 20th century homes to modern suburban buildings.

  1. Hoosier Hospitality

    The people of Indianapolis are famous for their friendliness and generosity. Whether you need help with a flat tire, directions to get someplace or a helping hand with your groceries, Indy folks will never leave you hanging. As big as Indianapolis has become it still manages to maintain its small-town values when it comes to friendliness, hospitality, and plain old good vibes.

  1. Arts & Music

    Indianapolis takes the arts very seriously and is packed with culture hubs like museums, theatres and music venues. Live music is a big deal here, and you can always find a place to enjoy a cold drink and some great tunes. The children’s museum and the art museum make wonderful choices for some culture-minded leisure, and if crafts and design are your passion you will love nearby Carmel’s Arts and Design District.

  1. Jobs Jobs jobs

    Indiana’s business-friendly climate has sent the job market in Indianapolis skyrocketing, with the city ranking #16 on Glassdoor’s list of the top 25 cities for jobs. Indy is a great place to grow your career or explore a new professional path. In recent years the city has also emerged as a surprising tech hub, with many budding startups and tech companies choosing Indianapolis for their home base. You can learn more about the city’s tech boom in this blog post. Other strong industries in the city include advanced manufacturing, finance and insurance and information technology.

  1. City Pride

    The people of Indianapolis are nothing if not darn proud of their city. From its food to its music and everything in between, just ask any Hoosier and they will be much obliged to share in depth all the things that make this city great. This sense of pride is what makes Indy feel like a tight knit community and not another urban protrusion where a lot of people happen to live.

  1. The Skywalk

    While Indianapolis has beautiful summers, winter can be cold and snowy. Sounds like a drag? It sure is not! Thanks to the city’s unique skywalk system, you can navigate downtown Indy without ever stepping outside, accessing hot spots like Lucas Oil Stadium, Circle Centre mall, and the Convention Center.

  1. Sports!

    Indianapolis has a sports scene to match its inhabitants’ passion for it. Indy 500, billed as the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing” is one of the world’s biggest and greatest racing events, drawing approximately 300,000 viewers annually. And for those of us who don’t like to watch cars go round in circles very fast, there’s beer! The Colts are also a huge source of pride for the city, especially since, you know, the Super Bowl and stuff.

  1. Parks Galore

    Even in the most amazing city, you will eventually find yourself longing for a piece of green. This is why Indy is such an all-around gem of a town. It has 192 parks where you can spend an outdoorsy afternoon and it’s surrounded by beautiful state parks which are perfect for day trips or weekend getaways.

  1. Yummy Town

    Indianapolis’ food scene is hot and getting hotter from year to year. St. Elmo, the century-old steakhouse that has long become an institution is where Hoosiers traditionally celebrate special occasions and ask for each other’s’ hand in marriage; every winter the city’s restaurants offer their delicious dishes at mouthwatering discounts during the two-week food fest called Devour Downtown, and if you like to eat in you will love the city’s farmers’ markets, which have a wonderful variety of fresh produce as well as baked goods, jams, pickles and other forms of edible goodness.

So next time you hear the name Indianapolis, what will be the first word that comes to your mind?
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