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Unpakt Announces Major Revisions to Moving Company Rules & Requirements

Unpakt has updated its T&C and wanted to make sure you were aware of some of the more important changes. We have made these updates in order to help continue providing our customers the best possible service. The updates fall into four categories: Pricing, Communication, The Unpakt Service Standard, and Mover Grading. These will take effect November 1st.


You may already know that Unpakt promises “No Move Day Surprises” to all of its customers. As we’ve grown, we’ve become more aware of surprise charges and how they affect the customer experience. In order to avoid these surprises, Unpakt will require certain charges to be built into the baseline cost of the move. As such, we are making these changes:

Long Carry – The distance required to charge for a long carry is now 200 feet. A long carry will only be charged if the condition exists outside of the building, i.e. if the street is closed or under construction. A long carry does not apply if the movers park farther away in order to find “legal” parking.

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Stairs Charges – Unpakt defines a flight of stairs as 12 or more steps. Movers cannot charge for partial flights as an adjustment. Furthermore, we recommend including a single flight of stairs in your prices to offset partial stairs.

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Wardrobe Boxes – Unpakt will no longer be charging customers for packing or unpacking of wardrobe boxes. Furthermore, the price of selling a Wardrobe Box is limited to $25. This will not go into effect until November 15th. Please review your prices for Wardrobe Boxes as the packing cost will be overridden at that point.

Small CF Adjustments – Unpakt will no longer charge customers for adjustments if the price has increased by less than 10% due to extra inventory on local moves. We also will not charge adjustments if the price of the move increased by less than 5% due to extra inventory on Long Distance moves. This does not affect pricing changes due to additional services. Please note that movers must still write all changes on the BOL.

Parking Tickets – Unpakt customers are not responsible for payment of any parking tickets incurred during a move and cannot be charged for any parking costs by the moving company.

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Communication Standards

Unpakt serves as an online marketplace connecting the mover to the customer. After booking, the mover is responsible for communicating with the customer. This includes answering emails in a timely manner as well as confirming details so you and the customer are both prepared come move day. To help facilitate this policy, please note the following:

Email Correspondences – All emails with customers booked through Unpakt should have [email protected] CCed. This is done so Unpakt is aware of all changes and issues should the customer contact us directly.

Third Party Carriers – When a customer books a LD move on Unpakt, it is the responsibility of the Unpakt Service Provider to handle communications between the customer and the carrier.

BOL Submission – All Bills of Lading must be submitted to Unpakt within 7 days in order for Unpakt to charge for Move Day Adjustments. For Long Distance moves, the pickup BOL must be submitted within 7 days for us to charge for additional inventory. Furthermore, if a customer is owed a refund due to less items moving the BOL must be submitted within 30 days or Unpakt will refund the customer for the items they have advised were not moved.

Penalties for Violation of Unpakt Service Standards

In order to help guarantee that customers receive the highest level of service, Unpakt will begin assessing penalties to moving companies who violate Unpakt service standards. Please note the following changes:

LD Delivery Window – Movers must deliver a customers shipment before the final day of their delivery window on their National Moving Map. Unpakt is going to penalize movers $75 for the first missed day, then 1% of the cost of the move for each day thereafter (to be given to the customer as a refund). In order to avoid this penalty, please make sure your delivery windows are accurate and feasible.

Asking for Payment – In instances in which a mover collects payment from a customer, the customer will be refunded the collected amount and the mover will be penalized the same total in addition (max of $200, to be given to the customer as a refund). This does not include tips or purchasing of Full Value Protection.

Wrapping and Protection of Furniture – All Unpakt moves include blankets, tape, and all other materials needed to properly wrap a customer’s furniture for protection. If a moving company fails to properly wrap and protect all furniture pieces, the mover will be penalized 5% of the cost of the move to be given to the customer as a refund.

Arrival within booked time window – Movers should arrive within the 2 hour window that was specified on the move plan. Movers will be penalized $25 per hour for every hour they are late, to be given to the customer as a refund.

Missed Box Delivery – Movers who have accepted a job that includes box delivery must deliver the requested boxes. If mover fails to do so, the customer will be given free packing services for the amount of boxes that were requested or the dollar value of the packing service for those boxes.

Mover Grading

Unpakt will be bringing back Mover Grades. These grades are meant to help customers differentiate between moving companies on Unpakt beyond just price and reviews. Your Unpakt Mover Grade is based on criteria that includes but is not limited to:

    • Response Time – How long it takes to accept booked jobs
    • Decline Rate – How often Unpakt jobs are declined
    • Violations of Unpakt Service Standards – How often these violations occur
  • Customer Feedback – How well customers have rated your services, communication and professionalism

Being able to provide the best possible service to a customer is our goal. As an Unpakt Service Provider, we already know that you’re capable of providing that level of service.

Please note that customer complaints regarding these new policies may result in a negative impact on your Mover Grade.