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Parking Cost Calculator

Use the steps below to add parking fees to your pricing. Not every moving company charges for parking, but make sure to cover your costs.

Why not charge a separate fee for parking tickets?

We believe in a “no surprise” move day. There’s no way for customers to know if parking fees will be required beforehand, so they can’t be expected to pay this fee on Move Day. At the same time, moving companies lose hundreds of dollars on parking tickets every year.

Here’s the solution: calculate your average parking fees and add them to your Unpakt truck charge.


How to find your average parking fee:

Step 1: Gather your information. You’ll need three numbers:

  • Total number of jobs (over a set period)
  • Total number of parking tickets (over the same set period)
  • Cost per parking ticket

Let’s look at an example. Imagine that you’re a moving company that performs 150 jobs per month in a city that charges $115 per parking ticket. From your 150 jobs, you receive 15 parking tickets.


Step 2: Calculate your total parking fees:

Number of Parking Tickets (15) x Cost Per Ticket ($115) = Total Parking Fees ($1725)


Step 3: Calculate your average parking fee per job:

Total Parking Fees ($1725) / Total Number of Jobs (150) = Average Parking Fee Per Job ($11.50)


Add your average parking fee to your truck charge

On your Mover Dashboard, click on the Pricing tab and scroll down to the drop-down menu that reads “Truck and Travel”. Add your Average Parking Fee to the amount that says “Truck charges”. For our example:

Original Truck Charge ($100) + Average Parking Fee ($11.50) = Total Truck Charges ($111.50)