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Stair Fee Calculator

Why give one flight free?

We believe in a “no surprise” move day. There is often confusion about what constitutes a flight of stairs and customers can often forget about a few steps entering the building. Instead of “nickel and diming” customers over this, we found that allowing up to a single flight of stairs free of charge increases the chances of a satisfactory move. But we don’t want moving companies to lose money either.

Here’s the solution: Increase your Cost By Volume by a percentage of your stairs charge.

How to Calculate the necessary price increase.

Step 1: Gather your information. You’ll need three numbers:

  • Total number of jobs (over a set period)
  • Total number of jobs with at least 1 flight of stairs (over the same set period)
  • Your Price per CF per flight of Stairs

Let’s look at an example. Imagine that you’re a moving company that charges $.14 per flight per CF and you perform 100 jobs per month with 50 of them having at least 1 flight of stairs.


Step 2: Calculate how often you encounter stairs

Jobs with 1+ flights of stairs (50) / Number of Jobs in total (100) = % of jobs with stairs (50%)


Step 3: Calculate your price per volume increase

Normal Stairs charge ($0.14) x Rate of jobs with stairs (50%) = Price per volume Increase ($0.07)


Add Your extra stairs charge to you price per volume

On your Mover Dashboard, click on the Pricing tab and scroll down to the drop-down menu that reads “Inventory”. Add your Extra Stairs Charge to the amount that says “Cost by Volume”. For our example:

Original Cost by Volume ($0.50) + Extra Stairs Charge ($0.07) = Total Cost By Volume ($0.57)