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Time-Saving Hacks When Moving

Hacks When Moving

It really does not matter if you know about your move two months or two weeks ahead of time; there never seems to be enough time. Sure, if you are retired, then maybe you have all the time in the world to take care of your moving responsibilities. However, if you have a full-time job and a family, you would probably give up your life’s savings for a clone. Before you start feeling defeated because you already know this move is going to be tricky to pull off on your chaotic schedule, put these time-saving hacks to the test.


Use Unpakt

One of the most time-consuming tasks you need to do to plan a move is compare movers. This means you either need to make several phone calls, which can take half your day or you have to spend hours online comparing, and then still call for quotes. Why waste all this valuable time? Unpakt lets you compare 10 to 20 movers in minutes! Now, have just freed up hours you can put to better use.


Make a List

The main reason you make a list is so you do not forget anything. However, a list can also help you save time. When you can see every chore that needs to be take care of, you can group them together appropriately. Why make three trips across town to change your address, pick up prescriptions, and turn in your cable modem? If you are going to be in a specific area running errands look on your list to see what other tasks you can take care of while you are there.


Color Code Boxes

This tip will not come in handy until you are in your new place, but it is certainly one you will appreciate. Use different colored stickers to label boxes by room, so you know where they go in your new place. This will allow you to unpack faster.


Talk on the Phone

When you make your daily call to your mom, brother, or best friend to catch up after work, pack a box. You will not even feel like you are working, if you are on the phone. One or two boxes a day will save you a tremendous amount of time in the long run.



Can anyone else in the house pack as effectively as you, or take care of tasks on your list as efficiently as you? Probably not, but let them anyway! Now is not the time to handle everything yourself. Your kids can pack their toys, games, and clothes, and your significant other can be trusted to do the grocery shopping this one time. They all just might surprise you.


Plan Your Meals

Most people spend a lot of time not only preparing meals, but trying to figure out what to make in the first place. Some even make several trips per week to the grocery store for this very reason. Have an idea of what you plan on preparing for the week and thoughtfully create a shopping list. Include a few larger meals that will leave you with leftovers, so you have less to do on those days.



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