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How to Choose a Moving Company in 2020

How to Choose a Moving Company in 2020

2020 has been an unusual year for everyone. Social distancing, mask-wearing and limited in-person services are our new norm. Out of this challenging and strange time, we can still get a lot done – digitally. This includes shopping online for food with Instacart, ordering take-out using DoorDash, working from home, holding holiday Zoom sessions, and so much more. Moving to a new house today is no different. When you’re ready to pick up and move, here’s how to choose a moving company in 2020.

Plan Ahead

Plan your move in advance. Choose a moving company as far ahead as possible. Moving companies get booked up, particularly during specific times of the year like the summer. You don’t want to scramble or choose a moving company that you’re not 100% comfortable with. Events also impact the availability of moving companies. In the early part of 2020 when COVID first hit, for example, many people moved out of urban areas and to the suburbs.

Have Your Moving Details Ready

Get the basic details of your move together before you choose a moving company. No doubt that means the address of the new location and the moving date. Also, include the size of your new home (for example, a one-bedroom apartment, two-bedroom townhouse, five-bedroom, or two-story house). Estimate how much stuff you have.

Have this info on hand if you opt to call several moving companies to get price estimates. Amid the COVID pandemic, some moving companies have stopped offering at-home surveys to provide you with a price quote. But in 2020 you don’t need at-home surveys. Choosing a moving company has become a lot easier with online booking services.

Go Online to Choose Your Mover

Like most anything else, just go online to choose a moving company whether your move is local or long distance. No need to make dozens of calls, go over the same details with different people, wait for return calls, and sift through a bunch of paperwork to decide which moving company is the best fit.

With a click of a button or via a mobile app, an online moving booking service provides you with comparison quotes in minutes for your move. All you have to do is input the details (just once) on the site along with the inventory to move and the moving services you’re looking for. You’ll get a list of movers and their price quotes. Read reviews on each moving company for peace of mind you’re making the right choice.

Things to Watch Out for When Booking Your Move Online

As with any digital service, not all online moving booking services are the same. Do some research first to select a booking service that distinguishes itself in the marketplace and will provide you with reliable, professional movers. Make sure all prices are guaranteed. Don’t get hit with some unexpected huge bill filled with overcharges. Choose a booking service that allows you to provide a detailed inventory of what goes to the new location. Inventory is an important factor in figuring out the cost of a move, as is the number of miles to your new location.

Let the online booking service know what, if any, additional services you need.  If you have oversized or heavy pieces, it’s important to include this. If you want movers to pack up your house, disassemble pieces at the old place or reassemble them at the new location, be sure you have an option to let the online moving booking service know.

In addition, the online service should provide price comparisons only from professional, licensed and insured movers to choose from. The last thing you want an unscrupulous moving company to scam you.

Get Your Online Moving Quote in Writing

Once you choose the mover, get a detailed contract. Be sure the cancellation and payment terms are clear. If you need to cancel a move unexpectedly, will you still have to pay?  How many days in advance can you cancel the move without paying anything? Do you pay for the move in advance or once the move is done? The online booking service should clarify these and other issues.

In the Age of COVID 2020

Ask the moving company you choose for its COVID safety policies. Visit the moving company’s website. Essential businesses like moving companies will have protocols put into place around physical distancing and sanitization protocols.

Moving is always stressful. But it’s easier to choose a moving company in 2020 with a reputable online booking service.

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