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How much should you tip long distance movers?

How much should you tip long distance movers?

Tipping standards vary from industry to industry. When you get a great meal at a restaurant, 15% is standard with 18 or 20% telling your server they went above and beyond. At the salon, 20% is considered appropriate. But what about your long distance movers? Tipping practices in the moving industry depend on a few different factors. We’ll break down the process of calculating how much you should tip long distance movers so you know exactly what to expect!

Is tipping my movers expected?

Unlike the restaurant industry where it’s considered plain rude to skip the tip, movers don’t necessarily expect to receive a tip. It does, however, convey to them your appreciation for their hard work. After all, they’ve been meticulously and carefully moving all of your worldly belongings from one place to another. They work hard, so if you are pleased with their work show them through generosity!

A bit about tipping local movers

For local movers, you can either tip your movers based on the number of hours worked or as a percentage of the total cost of the move. You could consider offering $4-$5 per hour, per mover for basic good service. For movers that go above and beyond, bump that up by a couple of dollars. Or, opt to tip by percentage. 5-10% of the total moving cost is a good tipping guideline for local movers. This can be tricky if you don’t know the total cost of the move by the end of moving day, but with a guaranteed quote from Unpakt you’ll know everything upfront!

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Factors that influence tipping long distance movers

When you’re moving from one side of the country to the other, there will probably be multiple crews involved with your move: one loading up, and one dropping off. The one person who you may see at both homes would be your truck driver. So how do you handle that?

Some recommend tipping a percentage of the moving cost for long distance moves, too. But since the average long distance move costs over $2,700 including how far the truck travels, that becomes a hefty tip! Instead, ask your company how many movers will be on the crew at each end of the journey. Then plan your tips accordingly.

It is important to take into account the specific aspects of your move to understand the complexity of it. For example, if your movers need to navigate stairs with heavy or bulky furniture, work in extreme temperatures, or encounter unusual circumstances, you may want to consider giving them a higher tip as recognition for their additional efforts and hard work.

On the other hand, if you notice that your movers are a bit sloppy, showed up late, or damaged your home, withholding tips is appropriate. Communicate to the foreman or team lead why you are making the choice to tip a small amount or not tip at all. Every moving crew wants satisfied customers and glowing reviews, so give them the chance to make things better.

How to tip your long distance movers

Some people prefer to tip using good old cash. If you know how many movers will be on the job, and approximately how long the move will take, you can plan to have cash on hand. Tip each mover personally if you can to say thanks. And if one team member really went above and beyond, consider handing them something extra. 

If piles of cash sounds overwhelming or you’d prefer to be more subtle, some moving companies will allow you to add a tip to your final moving bill.

Tipping your movers in cash is always appreciated, but your gratitude doesn’t have to stop there. You can also show your appreciation by having bottled beverages and snacks available on moving day. Fed and hydrated movers (and family members) will make for a more pleasant move all around!

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