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How Much Does it Cost to Move Locally in Houston?

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Moving in the Bayou City can be a bit intimidating — it’s a big, big city with so many diverse neighborhoods, great school districts, and plenty of affordable housing. Do you want to live inside The Loop, or head toward the outskirts? Add to those factors the many attractions that might draw you to one area or another, or perhaps your fantastic new career in Houston’s strong job market, and you’ll find there is an overabundance of moving choices. If you’re hoping to move closer to your favorite part of what Houston has to offer, have no fear: moving within the city isn’t that expensive comparatively.

Average Cost of Moving Within Houston
Studio (231cf) $358.44
1 Bedroom, Small (390cf) $420.50
1 Bedroom, Large (524cf) $567.30
2 Bedroom (892cf) $881.69
3 Bedroom (1215cf) $1,157.51
4 Bedroom (1815cf) $1,670.34

[Data from June 2016]

If you’re moving to a smaller space, but can’t bear to part with your beloved L-shaped, five-piece couch? Storage in Houston is also remarkably affordable.

1 Month Storage Rate
Studio (231cf) $69.42
1 Bedroom, Small (390cf) $116.91
1 Bedroom, Large (524cf) $157.32
2 Bedroom (892cf) $267.63
3 Bedroom (1215cf) $364.41
4 Bedroom (1815cf) $544.35

[Data from June 2016]

Houston allows binding estimates

If you’re booking with local moving services in The Bayou City, movers can provide binding estimates. That saves you the hassle of last-minute costs, added fees, or hourly rates once you’ve already secured your estimated cost to move locally.

No additional truck fees needed

Again, binding estimates eliminate the need for additional truck fees or surprises. That means once you pay ahead using Unpakt, the only additional cost to consider will be the tip. And maybe a little more bubble wrap.

It does not matter where you live in Houston, you won’t have a hard time finding moving boxes. Some people make the huge mistake and waste money by going to a moving truck rental place and purchasing bundles of boxes. Check out your local bars and restaurants, liquor stores, bookstores, and office supply stores for free boxes!

If you’re looking for recommended movers in Houston, visit our dedicated city page.


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